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BÚA 2018/ 2019

 Grúpa BÚA 2018 agus Siobhán

Pictured {L-R} Seán Ó Dúgain, Bolton St; Alicia Ní Néill, Kevin St; Lara Grehan, Aungier St; Ruth Devins, Cathal Brugha St; Sorcha Reenan, Kevin St. and Siobhán Nic Gaoithín, Oifigeach Gaeilge DIT. 

Who is participating in BÚA 2018/19? 

Chloe Colton, Nutraceuticals in Health & Nutrition, Cathal Brugha St.  

Ruth Devins, Culinary Arts, Cathal Brugha St.  

Lara Grehan, Business & Law, Aungier St.

Alicia Ní Néill, Clinical Measurement Science, Kevin St.  

Shane Ó Baoill, Film & Broadcasting, Aungier St.

Seán Ó Dúgáin, Engineering, Bolton St.

Sorcha Reenan, Clinical Measurement Science, Kevin St.  

Mark Ó Riain, Mechanical Automation & Maintenance Fitting (MAMF), Bolton St.

Mark & Sorcha 2018 BÚA

Mark Ó Riain agus Sorcha Reenan, Sráid Chaoimhín