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Oifig na Gaeilge TU Dublin provides an Irish language translation service to Technological University Dublin in accordance with the office's policy on translation (see below). 

You can contact Oifig na Gaeilge by email on with any queries.

Policy on translation

Below is a link to a list of Irish terms in common use in the University relating to our Colleges, Schools and addresses of our campuses. 


Every public body named under the Official Languages Act has a statutory duty to comply with the Regulations made by the Minister for Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs under Section 9(1) of the Official Languages Act, 2003.

In accordance with the Regulations, public bodies have a duty to ensure that their stationery, signage and recorded oral announcements are provided in Irish or bilingually by specific dates set out under the Regulations.

Official Languages Act 2003 (Section 9) Regulations 2008