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Study Abroad

How would you feel about spending a couple of months in another Country?

Do you think it would be scary? Or maybe you think it would be kinda cool!  Well at DIT 76% of our undergraduate programmes, offer just that.  Whether you decide to opt for an Erasmus year abroad, studying at one of our Partner Universities or maybe you will take up a work placement abroad as part of your programme if you decide that travel is for you then there is a serious amount of options available for you at DIT.

Studying or working abroad not only offers you the opportunity to complete your degree in a different country while finessing your language skills, it offers you the experience of living and fending for yourself away from home, life skills that can never be thought in the classroom.  You will benefit so much by learning about different cultures and traditions enriching not only your academic experience but also your whole life, many student develop lifelong friendships while on Erasmus with some citing it as some of the best times of their lives.

Students can be place both the EU and internationally, each programme will have their own distinct ties to certain parts of the world.  The time spent in the host institution is fully recognised by DIT through the use of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) and is a core element of the students’ degree programme. As an exchange student to our partner, universities there are no tuition fees payable. Students simply have to pay their travel, living and normal study costs.

Most study abroad takes place for students in year 3 of their programme, whereas work placement abroad may vary based on the programme you choose to study.

While study abroad is not for everyone, if it is then DIT/TU is the place for you.