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Peer-Reviewed Papers

Mc Donnell C, Rolincova M, Venter J. Comparison of measurement of pupil sizes among the colvard pupillometer, procyon pupillometer, and NIDEK OPD-scan. J Refract Surg. 2006 Nov;22(9 Suppl):S1027-30

Mc Donnell C, Crehan M. The Effect of Participating in Continuing Optometric Education: a Pilot Study. Optometric Education 2012 2012 Fall;38(1):33-36 (Download Available)


  • Collagen Cross Linking. Published in the Optician. 2006
  • The Future of Spectacle Lenses. Published in Radharc. 2008
  • Contact Lens Solutions. Published in Radharc. 2009
  • Law and the Optometrist. Published in Radharc. 2009
  • Lissamine Green. CET article. Published in the Optician. 2010
  • Punctal Plugs and Lacrimal Syringing. Published in Radharc. 2010
  • Anterior Chamber Assessment. Optometry Today Oct 2010
  • Clinical Pearls from the BCLA. Radharc Nov 2010
  • Visual Acuity. Sept 2011
  • Piggyback Contact Lenses. Optometry Today. April 2011
  • Refraction and Prescribing. Dispensing Optics. March 2012

  • Contact Lens Materials. Optometry Today. 2013
  • Visual recognition and interpretation of clinical signs: contact lenses parts 1 & 2.
    Optometry Today 2013

  • Silicone hydrogel: the best all-rounder? Dispensing Optics. Feb 2015 (winner best CET article in Dispensing Optics 2015)
  • Diary of a Cataract Surgeon 2045.  Optician Magazine 2015
  • Myopia control with soft contact lenses. Dispensing Optics. 2018

CPD Presentations

  • Scotopic pupil measurement. Presented at the British Society of Refractive Surgeons Conference. 2004
  • The Future of Spectacle Lenses. Presented to Dispensing Opticians at City and Islington College. 2006
  • Refractive Surgery: a dispensing optician’s guide. Presented to the Association of British Dispensing Opticians, Sussex area. 2006
  • New Developments in Refractive Surgery. Presented to Kent area local optometric committee. 2006
  • Primary School Vision Screening. Presented at the City University Paediatric Optometry postgraduate module. 2011
  • Surprises at the slit lamp. Presented at an Irish Contact Lens Society meeting. 2012
  • Report from the World Congress of Paediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus. Presented at the AOI AGM day. 2012

  • Developments in Contact Lenses.  Presented at an Irish Contact Lens Society meeting. 2013
  • Peer Reviews. Presented at the AOI AGM day. 2013
  • CPD, PLP and reflection. Interactive tutorial. DIT 2015, AOI study day 2016
  • Contact Lens Complications, City University Post graduate module and ICLS seminar 2017

CPD Workshops

  • Binocular indirect slit lamp ophthalmoscopy. DIT. Sep 2007 and Sep 2009, AOI study day 2012
  • Punctum plugs and lacrimal syringing. DIT Jan 2010, BCLA May 2010, EAOO May 2011
  • Primary school vision screening DIT June 2010 and Sept 2010
  • Dispensing Prisms. DIT May 2011 EAOO 2012
  • Advanced slit lamp techniques EAOO 2013

  • Troubleshooting PALs. AOI Convention 2014 OCCSEE 2016
  • Avoiding dispensing pitfalls. Peer Discussion. DIT 2014


Other Presentations

  • Oral presentation "Community based learning in a final year level 8 science programme". Presented at the DIT innovative teaching showcase Jan 2010
  • Poster presentation "Online theory delivery and assessment". Presented at the DIT innovative teaching showcase Jan 2011
  • Oral Presentation. Service learning in a BSc optometry programme. Presented at the EAOO conference May 2011
  • Poster presentation. Does participation in continuing professional development change the way optometrists practise? Presented at the American Academy of Optometry meeting. Oct 2011
  • Poster presentation. Service learning in Optometry. Presented at the DIT innovative teaching showcase. Jan 2012
  • Oral presentation. Does participation in post graduate education change the way optometrists practise? Presented at the EAOO conference. April 2012

  • Oral presentation. Irish primary school vision screening: measurement of referral accuracy and rate of response to referrals. WCPOS 2012
  • Poster presentation. Evaluation of the assessment of distance learning in optometry. EAOO 2013
  • Poster presentation. "Online submissions for students on placements". Presented at the DIT innovative teaching showcase. Jan 2014

  • Discussion forum. Online submissions by students on work placement. EAOO 2014
  • Eposter. Using a blog as a continuing professional development log. Edtech 2014
  • Oral presentation. Online submission for work placements: digital literacy issues. Edtech 2014

    Engagement with a custom-made online system designed to support undergraduate work placement. HEIT symposium. 2015 (link)

  • Oral presentation. International placement for BSC Optometry undergraduates: the Irish experience. OCCSEE 2016

    A Bulgarian-Irish collaboration to screen school children's vision. Poster presentation EAOO conference 2017
  • Mc Donnell, C, O' Donnell, D. O' Mara, L. Power, S. Comparison of two methods of determining central corneal vault under a scleral lens: estimation by slit lamp biomicroscope and anterior segment OCT. Oral presentation. Netherlands Contact Lens Congress. 2018


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