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Peer Review Scientific Papers

Scanlon G, O’Connell P, Ratzlaff M, Foerg B, McCartney D, Murphy A, O’Connor K, Loughman J. (2015).  Macular pigment optical density is lower in Type 2 diabetes, compared with Type 1 diabetes and normal controls. Retina. Sep;35(9):1808-16. (link)


Davison PA, Akkali M, Loughman J, Nolan J, Scanlon G, Beatty S. (2011). Macular Pigment and its Associations with Color Discrimination and Matching.
Optometry and Vision Science, 88(7), 816-22.


Nolan JM, Loughman J, Akkali M, Stack J, Scanlon G, Davison P, Beatty S. (2011). The impact of macular pigment augmentation on visual performance in normal subjects: COMPASS.  Vision Research, 51, 459-69. (link)


Loughman J, Akkalli M, Beatty S, Scanlon G, Davison P, O’Dwyer V, Cantwell T, Major P, Stack J, Nolan JM. (2010). The Relationship between Macular Pigment and Visual Performance. Vision Research, 50, 1249-1256. (link)


Scientific Abstracts

Loughman J, Scanlon G, Nolan JM, Beatty S. 2011. A Case Study in Human Macular Pigment Deprivation. Macular Carotenoids Conference, Downing College, Cambridge, UK. July 12-16, 2011.


Davison, PA, Loughman, J, Scanlon, G, Nolan, J & Beatty, S. 2009. Macular pigment and its correlation with colour vision and short wavelength automated perimetry (SWAP). Acta Ophthalmologica, 86, s243. (link)

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