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Peer-Reviewed Publications


Davison, PA, Loughman, J. (2012) Pre-Attentive Visual Search: Effects of Age and Relevance to Driving. In: Gale, AG (ed) Vision in Vehicles XI. Applied Vision Research Centre, Loughborough, England, 2012.

Loughman J,Hewitt C, Judge C, Martin L, Moulds C, Davison PA.(2012).Clinical Applicability of the Macular Degeneration Detection Device (MDD-2); a novel photostress recovery measurement device.Clin Exp Optom, 10/2012; DOI:10.1111/j.1444-0938.2012.00813.x



Davison PA, Akkali M, Loughman J, Nolan J, Scanlon G, Beatty S. (2011). Macular Pigment and its Associations with Color Discrimination and Matching. Optometry and Vision Science, 88(7), 816-22.

Nolan JM, Loughman J, Akkali M, Stack J, Scanlon G, Davison P, Beatty S. (2011). The impact of macular pigment augmentation on visual performance in normal subjects: COMPASS. Vision Research, 51, 459-69. (Download available at:



Loughman J, Akkalli M, Beatty S, Scanlon G, Davison P, O’Dwyer V, Cantwell T, Major P, Stack J, Nolan JM. (2010). The Relationship between Macular Pigment and Visual Performance. Vision Research, 50, 1249-1256. (Download available)

Loughman J, Davison P, Akkalli M, Nolan J, Beatty S. (2010). Visual Performance and Macular Pigment. Journal of Optometry. 3(2), 73 – 89. (Download available)


Loughman, J, Davison, PA, Flitcroft, DI. (2008). Diagnostic Sensitivity/Specificity of Preattentive Vision Tests in Glaucoma. Optometry and Vision Science, 85(7), 543 - 546. (Download available)


Loughman, J, Davison, PA, Flitcroft, DI. (2007) Open angle glaucoma effects on preattentive visual search (PAVS) efficiency for flicker, motion displacement and orientation pop-out tasks. British Journal of Ophthalmology, 91, 1493 - 1498. (Download available)


Davison PA, Loughman J. (2006) Effect of retinal image degradation on preattentive visual search (PAVS) efficiency for flicker, movement and orientation stimuli. Ophthalmic & Physiological Optics, 26(5), 456-463. (Download available)


Previous Publications

DAVISON, P. A. (2003) Bypassing ocular dioptrics:  oscillatory displacement hyperacuity in cataract and amblyopia. Paper presented at Vision Science Research Conference, DIT, Dublin, Ireland, January 2003.

DAVISON, P. A. and LOUGHMAN, J. (2002) Effects of retinal image degradation and perceptual learning on pre-attentive visual search efficiency for flicker, movement and orientation stimuli. Spatial Vision 15 (2), 248.

DAVISON, P.A. (1997) “Oscillatory Displacement Thresholds In Cataract And Amblyopia.”  Paper presented to 1st Annual Research Meeting in Vision and Ophthalmology, Tang Tock Seng Hospital, Singapore, 12th April 1997.  This paper was awarded The Merit Award for Outstanding Oral Paper Presentation.

BARRETT, B.T., DAVISON, P.A. and EUSTACE, P. (1995) Clinical comparison of three techniques for evaluating visual function behind cataract. Eye 9, 722-727.

BARRETT, B.T., DAVISON, P.A. and EUSTACE, P. (1994) Assessing retinal/neural function in patients with cataract using oscillatory displacement thresholds. Optom & Vis. Sci. 71, 801-808.

BARRETT, B.T., DAVISON, P.A. and EUSTACE, P.E. (1993) Effects of posterior segment disorders on oscillatory displacement thresholds, and on acuities as measured using the Potential Acuity Meter and laser interferometer. Ophthal. & Physiol. Optics 14, 132-138.

DAVISON, P.A. (1985) Inter-relationships between British drivers’ visual abilities, age and road accidents. Ophthal. & Physiol. Optics 5, 195-204.

DOBSON, J.S. and DAVISON, P.A. (1980) A new rapid test of contrast sensitivity function utilizing spatial bandwidth equalization. Invest. Ophthalmol. & Vis. Sci.  19, 213-217.

DAVISON, P.A. (1980) Recent developments in driver vision testing instrumentation and methodology (in Japanese). Rev. Intnl. Assoc. Traffic & Safety Sci. 6, 34-40.

DAVISON, P.A. (1978) The role of drivers’ vision in road safety. Lighting Res & Tech. 10, 125-139.


(with GRENNAN, T. and O’BRIEN, D.) Apparatus for measuring dark adaptation of the eye: Irish (1990), European, USA and Japanese patents.

(with DOBSON, J.) Contrast sensitivity function by spatial bandwidth equalization: UK (1981), European, USA, and Japanese patents.

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