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Development of a Child Eye Health Programme for Nampula, Mozambique

Aoife Phelan – MPhil Graduate
Dr Veronica O'Dwyer - Supervisor


There is no plan for a national child eye care programme or existing human resource infrastructure to address the immediate challenge of child eye health in Mozambique. Furthermore, the prevalence and incidence of refractive error, visual impairment (VI) and child blindness (CB) in Mozambique is unknown. VI and CB have devastating personal, developmental, economic and other implications for the child, the family, the community and indeed, the nation. This study aims to design, implement and evaluate a school based paediatric vision screening service, to identify those in need of eye health services, among Mozambique’s 11,561,000 children.


Literature Review of Screening Methods in Developing and Developed Countries

Three school eye health screening campaigns in Nampula

Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluating of a Pilot Teacher Training Programme

Interviewing child eye health stakeholders to understand the considerations in the design of a Child Eye Health Programme

Expected Outcomes

Strategic Document on the Development of a Child Eye Health Programme for Nampula. This Policy Document will be translational across health care sectors and internationally.

Collaborators: Partners of the Mozambique Eyecare Project in association with the Mozambique Eyecare Coalition

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