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Evaluation of students in a V2020 Optometry Program in Mozambique

This project aims to evaluate a Vision 2020 training programme to develop and implement a sustainable model for optometric education and eye care service delivery in Mozambique. The study will aim to answer the following questions:

1.  Are Optometry graduates attaining the core competencies in refraction, dispensing and ocular health assessment?

2.  How do attitudes and expectations of a career in optometry change for students as they progress through the training program?

Methods used:

  • Questionnaires
  • Exam
  • Case Vignettes

This research would evaluate the training provided to the Optometry students. The results would provide baseline  information on the standard of knowledge/ skills/competencies of students progressing through the scheme.  This could be used to inform decisions regarding future provision of funding for sustainable eye care programs.

It would demonstrate whether or not the programme enables OT graduates to achieve core competencies of refraction, identifying ocular abnormality and rescribing a functional correction for defects of sight

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