Cathal Flynn BSc PhD 


  • Appointed Lecturer, DIT February 2004
  • Assistant lecturer, DIT February 2001 – February 2004
  • Temporary wholetime lecturer, Physics Dept. NUI, Galway 1995-2001
  • Contract lecturer, Physics Dept. Moi University, Kenya 1993-1995
  • Graduated with Ph.D. by research NUI Dublin 1993
  • Graduated with B.Sc. in Applied Physics DCU 1987


Dr Cathal Flynn is an active member of the Physics education research group. Over the last few years there has been major shift from teacher centred-education to learner-centred. This has led to reflection on how students learn and how staff can facilitate and optimise that learning.  Industry has also stressed the importance of the development of key skills, such as problem-solving, group, presentation and communication skills, and abilities such as critical analysis and self-directed learning.  The main area of research will be the development of new teaching and assessment strategies. These will include the following topics:

  • Problem-based learning (PBL)
  • On-line or web-based learning.
  • Computer assisted learning
  • Group Work

Dr Cathal Flynn is also supervising a PhD student Timothy Hogan, who is currently doing research to analyse the dynamics of complex interactive systems.

Recent Publications

Bowe B., Flynn C., Howard R., Daly S., ‘Teaching First Year Physics Using Problem Based Learning’, UK Learning and Teaching Support Network, Problem-Based Learning in Physics Workshop, University of Leicester, January 2002.

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