School Fax: + 353 1 402 4988
School Phone: + 353 1 402 ext
Postgrad Emails: Unless otherwise indicated are @dit.ie
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For rooms, (see location map):
• K is Kevin St
• NOC is National Optometry Centre, New Bride St.
• NB is New Bride St. buildings
• F is Focas Institute, Camden Row

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 postgrad students (click to sort)groupemail @dit.ieextroom
arrow Mehmood Sayid Ali     RESC mehmood.ali 7966 F-G.S8
arrow Dennis Bade  BSc   IEO denis.bade@gmx.de 7926 F-G.05
arrow Viswanath Bavigadda  BSc MSc   IEO viswanath.bavigadda 4702 K-B32
arrow Louise Cannon  BSc MSc   Medical Ultrasound Group louise.cannon 4783 F-1.04
arrow Subhash Chandra     Dublin Energy Lab     F-G.05
arrow Deepa Chari     Medical Ultrasound Group deepa.chari 7979 F-1.04
arrow Maxime Desplanques  BSc MSc   RESC maxime.desplanques 7987 F-1.04s
arrow Brian Devine  BSc   Biomedical and Environmental Sensing brian.devine1@student.dit.ie 7980 F-1.04
arrow Jennifer Dorney  BSc   Nanolab / POMM jennifer.dorney 7917 -
arrow Paul Irving  BSc   Physics Education Research Group paul.irving 7928 F-G.05
arrow Kishore Kumar  MS   RESC lorenzo.salford 7966 F-G.S7
arrow Mohesh Moothanchery     IEO mohesh.moothanchery@student.dit.ie - F-G.05
arrow Mairead Moore     Vision Sciences Research cane@campus.ie - NOC
arrow Sourav Prasanna Mukherjee     RESC sourav.mukherjee 7999 F-1.04a
arrow Pratap Chandra Naha     RESC pratap.naha 7956 F-G.S6
arrow Michael Nielsen     Biomedical and Environmental Sensing michael.nielsen 7980 F-1.04
arrow Niall O Claonadh  BSc   Nanolab / POMM niall.oclaonadh 7929 -
arrow Nitesh Pandey     IEO nitesh.pandey@student.dit.ie 4702 K-B32
arrow Krys Ptasinski     Biomedical and Environmental Sensing kptasinski 7980 F-1.04
arrow Nosheen Rashid     RESC nosheen.rashid - F-G.S16
arrow Jawad Sarwar     Dublin Energy Lab jawad578@yahoo.com 7961 F-G.05
arrow Grainne Scanlon     Vision Sciences Research grainne.scanlon 4749 NOC
arrow Angeliki Velissariou  MSc   RESC avelissariou 7999 F-1.04z
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