Physics of Molecular Materials

Dr Hugh Byrne, Dr Gordon Chambers

balls.gif This work is predominantly carried out under FOCAS where Dr Byrne is the Facility Director. More Information is available on the FOCAS website.

Research interests lie in the investigation of electronic and optical processes in molecular materials, principally organic. These include

Structural tailoring of molecular properties polymeric structures organometallic structures closed cage structures

Properties of solid state ensembles amorphous films molecular crystals liquid crystals

Properties under high excitation conditions Nonlinear Optics Stimulated emission Collective electronic processes

An objective of the research is an assessment of the potential of such materials for applications in light emitting devices, nonlinear optical and electronic switching devices.

Work is carried out principally through FOCAS, as well as through a number of external collaborations with, for example, Trinity College Dublin, Technische Universitaet Graz, Austria and the National Institute for Materials.