Staff Email, Phone & Room Details

School Fax: + 353 1 402 4988

School Phone: + 353 1 402 ext

Staff Emails: Unless otherwise indicated are @dit.ie

See also DIT Directory.

For rooms, (see location map):

  • K is Kevin St
  • NOC is National Optometry Centre, New Bride St.
  • NB is New Bride St. buildings
  • F is Focas Institute, Camden Row

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  Physics Administrative Support email @dit.ieextroom
arrow Mary Casserley School Admin  admin.physics 4559 K1.049A
arrow Sandra Morris School Admin  admin.physics 4559 K1.049A
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 Physics Management email @dit.ieextroom
arrow John P. Doran  BA, PhD  Head of School john.doran 4953 K1.049B
arrow Siobhan Daly  BSc, PhD  Assistant Head of School siobhan.daly 4927 K1.042
arrow Paul G. Horan  BSc, PhD  Assistant Head of School - On Secondment paul.g.horan 7139 -
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 Physics Academic Staff email @dit.ieextroom
arrow Amarandei, George  BSc PhD   george.amarandei 2879 NB35/2
arrow Browne, Jacinta E.  BSc, MSc, PhD, CPhys, MInstP  Radiation Protection Officer jacinta.browne 4737 K1.014A
arrow Byrne, Hugh J.  BA, PhD, CPhys, MInstP  Focas Institute Manager hugh.byrne 7900 F2.03.0
arrow Chambers, Gordon  BSc, PhD     gordon.chambers 2856 K3.023
arrow Donnelly, Justin  BSc, PhD     justin.donnelly 2863 NB35/2
arrow Flynn, Cathal  BSc, PhD     cathal.flynn 4787 K3.023
arrow Goodman, Maurice  BSc, MSc, DipMgmt, MBA     maurice.goodman 4784 K3.023
arrow Goodman, Patrick G.  BSc, MSc, PhD     pat.goodman 4782 K3.023
arrow Gregan, Elizabeth  DipAppSc, BSc, MSc, PhD, CPhys Stage 3 DT260 Coordinator elizabeth.gregan 4736 NB35/2
arrow Grogan, Catherine  BSc, MEngSc  Erasmus Coordinator  catherine.grogan 4829 NB35/2
arrow Hogan, Timothy  BSc, CPhys, MInstP  Stage 3 Coordinator timothy.hogan 4734 K3.023
arrow Howard, Robert  BSc, PhD     robert.howard 4952 K3.023
arrow MacRaighne, Aaron  BA(Mod), PhD     aaron.macraighne 4928 K3.023
arrow Meade, Aidan D.  BSc, MSc, PhD, MInstP  Stage 4 Coordinator aidan.meade 4691 NB35/2
arrow Naydenova, Izabela  MSc, PhD   Chair, School Research Cmte  Izabela.Naydenova 4811 NB35/2
arrow O'Brien, David M.  DipAppSc, BSc, PhD, CPhys, MInstP  Stage 1 Coordinator  david.obrien 4935 NB35/2
arrow Pedreschi, Fran  BSc, PhD,   IOP Representative; Stage 2 Coordinator fran.pedreschi 4786 K3.023
arrow Walsh, James E.  BSc, MSc, PhD  On leave   james.walsh - -
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 Optometry Academic Staff email @dit.ie extroom
arrow Cassim, Zaheer  BOptom (RAU), CAS(NEWENCO), FOA(SA) (on leave) zaheer.cassim 4985 NB35/1 
  Harrington, Siofra  Dip Optom, FAOI (on leave) siofra.harrington c/o 4900 NOC
  Lloyd, Aoife  BSc, FAOI, PhD aoifemarie.lloyd 4733 NB35/1
  Loughman, James  Dip Optom, FAOI, PhD james.loughman 2841 NB35/1
  McDonnell, Claire  Dip Optom, FAOI claire.e.mcdonnell 2872 NB35/2
  McGann, John  Dip Optom john.g.mcgann 2853 NB35/1
  Moore, Linda  BOptom, MPhil (Optom), (RAU), PhD, FOA(SA) linda.moore 4980 NB35/1
  Moore, Michael  BSc, FAOI, MSc michael.moore    
  O'Dwyer, Veronica  Dip Optom, FAOI, PhD veronica.odwyer 4785 NB35/1
  Scanlon, Grainne  BSc, FAOI, MPhil grainne.scanlon 4933 NB35/1

Barrett, Catriona  BSc, FAOI

catriona.barrett 4749  
  Mordaunt, Patricia  FBDO, DT219 Year 3 Coordinator patricia.mordaunt    

Sheehan, Matthew  BA, MPhil, PhD

matthew.sheehan  4578  
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 Technical staff email @dit.ieextroom
 Senior Technical Officers    
arrow Torris, Jane  DipAppSc, BSc, MSc  First Year Laboratory jane.torris  4870 K1.010
arrow Callis, James  TechDipAppSc Information Technology james.callis 4739 K1.011A
 Technical Officers    
arrow Scully Anne  TechDipAppSc  First Year Laboratory anne.scully 4738 K1.012
arrow Campbell, Alexander  TechDipAppSc  Second Year Laboratory alexander.campbell 4742 K1.041
arrow Hayes, Desmond  TechDipAppSc  Optics Laboratory  des.hayes 4740 K1.011
arrow Armstrong, Carol  DipAppSc BSc MPhil Optometry Laboratories carol.armstrong  4932  K2.026 
arrow Kelly, Paul  Optometry Laboratories paul.m.kelly  8014  NOC
arrow Gaff, Karl  BSc (Ord), BSc, MSc  Senior Laboratory  karl.gaff 4741 K1.040
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 postdoctoral staffemail @dit.ieextroom
arrow Alan Casey  BSc PhD  Nanolab / POMM alan.casey 7931 F-G.05
arrow Suzanne Martin  PhD  IEO Centre Manager suzanne.martin 4613 F-G.05
arrow Luke O'Neill  BSc PhD  Nanolab / POMM luke.oneill 7931 F-G.05
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 Clinical Measurement Staff  email @dit.ie extroom
arrow Cunningham, Karen  BSc Clinical Tutor (Cardiology) karen.cunningham 4942 NB35/2 
  Hilliard, Tina  BSc Clinical Tutor (Vacular) tina.hilliard 4815 K1.014A 
  Mc Gee, Maresa Clinical Tutor (Neurophysiology) maresa.mcgee 4973 NB35/1
  Mc Gowan, Aisling  BSc MSc Clinical Tutor (Respiratory) aisling.mcgowan 4815 K1.014A
  Maria McNeill  Practice Education Coordinator  maria.mcneill 4788 NB/33
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