Fran Pedreschi Bsc PhD

Graduated from Dublin Institute of Technology with a Diploma in Applied Science (Physics and Chemistry) in 1997 and with a BSc(1 st class) in Physics and Chemistry from Trinity College Dublin in 1997.

Received PhD from DIT in 2002 with a thesis entitled: “Optical and Magnetic Properties of Low Dimensional Structures”. This work involved the investigation of the optical response of quasi-one-dimensional indium structures grown on silicon wafers, and the magnetic behaviour of iron and cobalt quantum dot assemblies. The work was carried out in collaboration with the Interdisciplinary Research Centre for Surface Science in the University of Liverpool, Dublin City University, Trinity College Dublin, and the Surfaces and Interfaces Group (FOG) in the Technical University of Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Worked as a research assistant in the FOCAS facility until 2003.

Appointed to DIT School Of Physics staff in October 2003.

Current research interests include the creation and study of low dimensional structures on silicon substrates under Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) conditions, the magnetic, optical and electronic properties of nanostructures, the production of nanoparticles, computational modelling and data visualisation.


Optical reflectance anisotropy studies of Fe nanostructures grown on vicinal W(110)
L Carroll, F Pedreschi, J D O'Mahony, and J F McGilp
Physica Status Solidi (B) 242 13 (2005) 2650-2654 [5 pages]

Magnetic force microscopy and simulations of colloidal iron nanoparticles
F Pedreschi, J M Sturm, J D O'Mahony, and C F J Flipse
Journal of Applied Physics 94 5 (2003) 3446-3450 [5 pages]

Evidence of Electron Confinement in the Single-Domain (4x1)-In Superstructure on Vicinal Si(111)
F Pedreschi, J D O'Mahony, J R Power, P Weightman
Applied Physics Letters 73 15 (1998) 2152-2154 [3 pages]