1:1 Profiling the Irish State
Lecture Theatre: 4-068
Regulatory Capacity and Networked Governance - Colin Scott and Ciara Brown

1:2 Roundtable on Irish Political Reform
Lecture Theatre: 4-027

1.3 Regional and Local Politics
Lecture Theatre: 4-079
Reviving urban democracy: a comparative analysis of British and Irish efforts to democratize city government 1996-2010 Dr. Deiric O'Broin

2:1 Patterns of Conflict Resolution
Lecture Theatre: 4-027
Structural Violence and the Struggle for State Power in Rwanda: Why 'Conflict Resolution' and Other External Interventions Have Made Things Worse - Andy Storey

2:2 The EU and Ireland: Politics, Policy and Ideology
Lecture Theatre: 4-068
John O'Brennan and John Carroll (NUIM) 'Assessing the role(s) of the Irish parliamentarian in European affairs in Ireland.'

2:3 Electoral Politics and Irish Government
Lecture Theatre: 4-079

3:1 The Long War Continued? Assessing the Republican Dissident Challenge to Northern Ireland’s New Dispensation
Lecture Theatre: 4-027
Dissidents, Ultras, Militarists or Patriots? Analysing the Strategies, Tactics and Support for 'Dissident' Republicanism - Jon Tonge

3:2 New and Old Media in Irish Politics
Lecture Theatre: 4-068
Nervous of the Cinema as an Art Medium: governmental film propaganda in the Free State. Kevin Hora

3:3 Comparative Politics
Lecture Theatre: 4-079
Exploring Democratic Decentralisation Reforms: Lessons from Africa - Mike Adeyeye, Ph.D

4:1 Keynote Address – Speaker (TBA)
Lecture Theatre: 4-027

5:1 The Gendered Experiences of Women and Politics in Ireland
Lecture Theatre: 4-027

5:2 Business, the State and Political Parties
Lecture Theatre: 4-068
If money talks, what does it say - Iain McMenamin, DCU

5:3 Northern Ireland Politics
Lecture Theatre: 4-079
Same old blocs, same old story? The 2010 Westminster Election in Northern Ireland - Jon Tonge (University of Liverpool)

6:1 Conflict Resolution and Transformation
Lecture Theatre: 4-027

Ethnic Conflict And Electoral Engineering:The Single Transferable Vote In Northern Ireland - John Coakley, Jon Fraenkel

6:2 The Medium and the Message
Lecture Theatre: 4-068
'A proposal for inaugurating a publicity campaign in the United States, Great Britain, and the Continent in the interests of Irish Free State industry and commerce' - Doremus and the Free State, 1928. Kevin Hora

6:3 Citizenship and Social Movements
Lecture Theatre: 4-079

7:1 European Studies SG. Chairs: Mary Murphy (UCC) & Katy Hayward (QUB)
Room 3-028

7:2 Gender and Politics SG. Chairs: Fiona Buckley (UCC) & Yvonne Galligan (QUB)
Room 3-029

7:3 Interest Groups and Lobbying SG. Chairs: Gary Murphy (DCU) & Conor McGrath (Independent Scholar)
Room 3-044

7:4 International Relations and Area Studies SG. Chairs: Francesco Cavatorta (DCU) & Maura Conway (DCU)
Room 3-045

7:5 Peace and Conflict Studies SG. Chair: Niall O Dochartaigh (NUIG)
Room 3-077

7:6 Political Theory SG. Chairs: Iseult Honohan (UCD) & Vittorio Bufacchi (UCC)
Room 3-078

7:7 Teaching and Learning in Politics SG. Chairs: Clodagh Harris (UCC) & Brid Quinn (UL)
Room 3-091

7:8 Urban Politics SG. Chairs: Deiric O Broin (DIT)
Room 3-096

7.9 Political Reform SG Chair: Eoin O’Malley (DCU)
Room 3-100

8:1 Teaching and Learning
Lecture Theatre: 4-027

8:2 Protestant Political Identities
Lecture Theatre: 4-068

8:3 Foreign and Security Policy
Lecture Theatre: 4-079

9:1 Divided Pasts and Shared Futures: Politics, History and Political Science in Northern Ireland
Lecture Theatre: 4-027
Irish health care; the evidence on communicating policy - Dr Vivienne Byers

9:2 International Relations & Transnational Political Structures
Lecture Theatre: 4-068

9:3 Crime, Victims and State Terrorism
Lecture Theatre: 4-079

10. Education Plenary
Lecture Theatre: 4-079
‘A Pedagogy of Engagement in Higher Education’ - James Sloam (Royal Holloway, University of London)

11:1 Nationalism and Conflict
Lecture Theatre: 4-027
Terrorists Who Hunger for a Voice: Negative Campaigning and its Effect on Political Discourse By Kate Bryan

11:2 Issues in Comparative Public Administration: Health, Genetics, Employment and Urban Policy
Lecture Theatre: 4-068
Positive Action in Politics – Lessons and Challenges from Employment Equality Law - Marian Jennings

11:3 The Long War Continued? Assessing the Republican Dissident Challenge to Northern Ireland’s New Dispensation II
Lecture Theatre: 4-079

12:1 Global Political Theory: Perspectives on Justice and Civil Society
Lecture Theatre: 4-027
What are the contemporary circumstances of assistance and do they generate moral or practical constraints on the duty of assistance? - Susan P. Murphy

12.2 Electoral Politics in Ireland and Eurovision
Lecture Theatre: 4-068
Politics, Ireland and the Eurovision Song Contest - Dr. Adrian Kavanagh

12:3 Historical Perspectives on the Politics of Ireland
Lecture Theatre: 4-079

Bringing the People back in: Civil Society Activism and Related Ideas of Citizenship




Dr. Brid O’Rourke

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