PSAI 2010

Friday, 8 October

Registration from 12.00

Session 1: 1.00-2.30

1:1 Profiling the Irish State
Lecture Theatre: 4-068

Chair: Aidan Regan (UCD)

  • Niamh Hardiman, (UCD) ‘The institutional underpinnings of state power in Ireland’
  • Muiris MacCarthaigh, (IPA & UCD) ‘The shifting profile of Irish state activity’
  • Colin Scott, (UCD) ‘The evolution of networked regulation’

1:2 Roundtable on Irish Political Reform
Lecture Theatre: 4-027

Chair: Professor David Farrell, UCD


  • Joan Burton TD, Finance Spokesperson, Labour Party;
  • Dan O'Brien, Economics Editor, Irish Times;
  • Eddie Molloy, Consultant and Director of Advance Organisation and Management Development Ltd;
  • Richard Bruton TD, Enterprise, Jobs and Economic Planning Spokesman, Fine Gael.

1.3 Regional and Local Politics
Lecture Theatre: 4-079

Chair: Deric O Broin

  • Deiric O Broin, (DIT) ‘Reviving urban democracy: a comparative analysis of English and Irish efforts to democratize city government 1996-2010
  • Barry Hussey, (UL) ‘Legitimacy, Security and the EU’s policy of inter-regional promotion’
  • Miroslav Svircevic, (Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts) Local self-government in municipalities in Serbia and Bulgaria after the Congress of Berlin in 1878

Session 2: 2.30-4.00

2:1 Patterns of Conflict Resolution
Lecture Theatre: 4-027

Chair: Niall O’Dochartaigh (NUIG)

  • Jennifer Todd (UCD) and Jos Elkink (UCD)- The changing impact of equality policies in Northern Ireland: towards a dynamic model
  • Frances Stewart and Arnim Langer (CRISe, Oxford) - Post-conflict economic policies: how far do they respond to root causes of conflict, including horizontal inequalities?
  • Graham Brown (Bath) -Patterns of Conflict Resolution in Mindanao, the Philippines, with South-east Asian comparisons.
  • Andy Storey, (UCD)- Structural Violence and the Struggle for State Power in Rwanda: Why ‘Conflict Resolution’ and Other External Interventions Have Made Things Worse

2:2 The EU and Ireland: Politics, Policy and Ideology
Lecture Theatre: 4-068

Chair: Neil Collins (UCC)

  • Brendan Flynn (NUIG) ‘That Sinking Feeling: Irish Perspectives on the (non)Reform of the CFP’
  • Peter McLoughlin (QUB) ‘Beyond the Border: European Integration and the Reformulation of Irish Nationalism’
  • Mary Murphy (UCC) ‘Regional Empowerment in Europe? Lessons from the Northern Ireland EU Taskforce’
  • John O'Brennan and John Carroll (NUIM) ‘Assessing the role(s) of the Irish parliamentarian in European affairs in Ireland.’

2:3 Electoral Politics and Irish Government
Lecture Theatre: 4-079

Chair: Sean O’Connor ( University of Ulster and DIT )

  • Jane Suiter (UCC) and Elaine Byrne ‘A redefinition of corruption and the evidence’
  • Stephen Kelly (UCD) ‘The Past, The Present and The Future: Fianna Fáil as a Possible Northern Ireland Political Party?’
  • Adrian Kavanagh (NUIM) ‘Electoral Participation in the 2007 General Election: A Geographical Perspective’

Coffee Break: 4.00-4.30 - Exhibition Area- Fourth Floor

Session 3: 4.30-6.00

3:1 The Long War Continued? Assessing the Republican Dissident Challenge to Northern Ireland’s New Dispensation I
Lecture Theatre: 4-027

Chair: Kevin Bean (University of Liverpool)

  • Aaron Edwards (Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst) ‘When Terrorism as Stategy Fails: Dissident Irish Republicans and the Threat to British Security’
  • Jon Tonge (University of Liverpool) ‘Dissidents, Ultras, Miltarists or Patriots? Analysing the Strategies and Tactics of Hardline Republicanism’
  • Eamonn O’Kane (University of Wolverhampton) & Christopher Norton (University of Wolverhampton) ‘Dealing with the Dissidents?’

3:2 New and Old Media in Irish Politics

Chair: John Gallagher (DIT) Lecture Theatre: 4-068

  • Vanessa Liston (TCD) ‘Web 2.0 and Iris Young: A Civic Experiment in Inclusive Democracy in Ireland’
  • Kevin Hora (DIT) ‘Nervous of the “Cinema as an Art Medium”: Governmental Film Propaganda in the Free State’
  • Richard Brophy (DIT) The role of the media in the context of both Lisbon Treaty referendums

3:3 Comparative Politics
Lecture Theatre: 4-079

Chair: John Hogan (DIT)

  • Eoin O’Malley (DCU) & David Doyle (DCU) ‘Keeping It In the Family: Explaining the Variation in Political Dynasties Across Countries’
  • Henrik Gast (University of Regensburg, Germany) ‘How Do Heads of Government Establish Relationships of Trust?’
  • Mike Adeyeye (Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria) ‘Exploring Democratic Decentralisation Reforms: Lessons from Africa’


Session 4: 6-00-7.00

4:1 Keynote Address – Speaker (TBA)
Lecture Theatre: 4-027

Reception: 7.00-8.00 Exhibition Area - Fourth Floor
Hosted by Dr Brian O’Neill Head of the School of Media, (Dublin Institute of Technology)

Saturday, 9 October


Session 5: 9.00-10.30

5:1 The Gendered Experiences of Women and Politics in Ireland
Lecture Theatre: 4-027

Chair: Yvonne Galligan (QUB)

  • Clodagh Harris (UCC) & Emmanuelle Schon-Quinlivan (UCC) ‘The Role for Deliberative Processes in Informing and Engaging Women on the EU: A Case Study of a Deliberative Conference on Irish Women’s Voices on Europe’
  • Claire McGing (NUIM) ‘Ties That Bind?: Women in the Dáil and the Role of Surrogate Representation’
  • Christine Wilson (QUB) ‘Media Representations of Women Terrorists’
  • Fiona Buckley (UCC) ‘Recruitment and Appointment of Women to Cabinet in the Republic of Ireland – Authentic or Aesthetic?’

5:2 Business, the State and Political Parties
Lecture Theatre: 4-068

Chair: Gary Murphy (DCU)

  • Kevin Rafter (DCU) ‘Money Matters: The Role Played by Finances in the Demise of Democratic Left’
  • Iain McMenamin (DCU) ‘If Money Talks, What Does It Say? Business Financing of Political Parties in Australia, Canada and Germany’
  • Tom Murray (UCD) ‘The Politics of Property and Principle: Economic Rights in the Making of the Irish Constitution 1937’

5:3 Northern Ireland Politics
Lecture Theatre: 4-079

Chair: Tim White (Xavier University)

  • Eimear O’Leary (UCC) ‘The Role of MLAs in Northern Ireland’s Society’
  • Paul Dixon (Kingston University) ‘Interpretations of the Peace Process and the Future of Northern Ireland’
  • Jon Tonge (Univ of Liverpool) ‘Same Old Blocs? Same Old Story? The 2010 Westminster Election in Northern Ireland’

Coffee Break: 10.30-11.00 Exhibition Area- Fourth Floor

Session 6: 11.00-12.30

6:1 Conflict Resolution and Transformation
Lecture Theatre: 4-027

Chair: Jennifer Todd (UCD)

  • John Coakley, (UCD) and Jon Fraenkel, (Australian National University, Canberra)- Ethnic Conflict and Electorial Engineering: The Single Transferable Vote in Northern Ireland.
  • Sandra Buchanan (Univ of Ulster) ‘Can Entrepreneurship Transform Conflict? Assessing the Northern Ireland Case’
  • Máire Braniff (DCU) ‘Irish Peace Mediators: Extending Their Virtual Footprint’
  • Katy Hayward (QUB) ‘Convergence/Divergence: Political discourse and conflict resolution’

6:2 The Medium and the Message
Lecture Theatre: 4-068

Chair: John Gallagher, DIT

  • Kevin Rafter (DCU) ‘The Twittering Senator: Dan Boyle and the Emergence of Online Political Communications in Ireland’
  • Eileen Murphy (Dundalk IT) ‘The professionalisation of cause-centred interest groups - case study Irish Autism Action’
  • Paddy Jones (DIT) - An investigation into the effectiveness of interest groups and lobbying in Ireland with reference to the Irish vintners industry

6:3 Citizenship and Social Movements
Lecture Theatre: 4-079

Chair: Eilis Ward, (NUIG)

  • Philip Murphy (UCC) ‘Constructing Citizens: Political Efficacy Socialisation in the Republic of Ireland’
  • Maria A. Deiana (QUB) ‘Gender and Citizenship in Post-Conflict Societies: Ethnic Citizenship and Processes of “Othering” in Post-Dayton Boznia-Herzegovina’
  • Josè G. Vargas-Hernàndez (Centro Universitario de Ciencias Económico Administrtivas Universidad de Guadalajara, Mexico) ‘Historical Social and Indigenous Ecology Approach to Social Movements in Mexico and Latin America’

Lunch: 12.30-2.00 Restaurant-First Floor

Session 7: 1.15-2.00

Business Meetings of PSAI Specialist Groups
These meetings are open to all with an interest in the topic, so that future events and activities can be planned.

  • 7:1 European Studies SG. Chairs: Mary Murphy (UCC) & Katy Hayward (QUB) - Room 3-028
  • 7:2 Gender and Politics SG. Chairs: Fiona Buckley (UCC) & Yvonne Galligan (QUB) - Room 3-029
  • 7:3 Interest Groups and Lobbying SG. Chairs: Gary Murphy (DCU) & Conor McGrath (Independent Scholar) Room 3-044
  • 7:4 International Relations and Area Studies SG. Chairs: Francesco Cavatorta (DCU) & Maura Conway (DCU) Room 3-045
  • 7:5 Peace and Conflict Studies SG. Chair: Niall O Dochartaigh (NUIG) Room 3-077
  • 7:6 Political Theory SG. Chairs: Iseult Honohan (UCD) & Vittorio Bufacchi (UCC) - Room 3-078
  • 7:7 Teaching and Learning in Politics SG. Chairs: Clodagh Harris (UCC) & Brid Quinn (UL) - Room 3-091
  • 7:8 Urban Politics SG. Chairs: Deiric O Broin (DIT) Room 3-096
  • 7.9 Political Reform SG Chair: Eoin O’Malley (DCU) Room 3-100

Session 8: 2.00-3.30

8:1 Teaching and Learning
Lecture Theatre: 4-027

Chair: Clodagh Harris (UCC)

  • Dr. Seamus O’Tuama, Ms Lyndsey El Amoud and Ms Natasha Underhill, University College Cork.-PREPARING FOR SUCCESS: A study of how targeted skills-based workshops can effectively aid first year students to bridge the gap between second and third level learning
  • Ms Fiona Buckley and Dr. Theresa Reidy, University College Cork-Student engagement in the research journey; The development of an online Journal of Undergraduate Research in Political Science
  • Dr. Gladys Ganiel, TCD-Implementing Community Based Learning on Reconciliation in Northern Ireland

8:2 Protestant Political Identities
Lecture Theatre: 4-068

Chair: Arthur Aughey, (University of Ulster)

  • Peter Munce (University of Ulster) ‘McGimpsey v Ireland: Thinking Outside the Unionist Box’
  • Jon Tonge (Liverpool) & Jim McAuley (Huddersfield) ‘New Order: Contemporary Political Alignments of the Protestant Orange Tradition in Northern Ireland’
  • Patrick R. Ireland (Illinois Institute of Technology) ‘Only Distant Cousins: Irish Protestants and Politics in the US, Canada and Australia’

8:3 Foreign and Security Policy
Lecture Theatre: 4-079

Chair: Tom Clonan (DIT)

  • Erin Baumann (UCD) ‘Between Politics and a Hard Place: Foreign Policy in Post-Soviet Belarus’
  • Brendan Flynn (NUIG) ‘NATO’s New(ish) Security Concept: What Implications for Ireland?’
  • Feargal Cochrane (Lancaster University) 'From Ulsterisation to Afghanisation: Democratising Counter-Insurgency Strategy -Some Lessons from Northern Ireland'

Coffee Break: 3.30-4.00 Exhibition Area- Fourth Floor

Session 9: 4.00-5.30

9:1 Divided Pasts and Shared Futures: Politics, History and Political Science in Northern Ireland Lecture Theatre: 4-027

Chair: Cillian McGrattan (UCD)

  • Sean Byers (University of Ulster) ‘The Appropriation of Connolly’s Legacy: Romanticism and Revisionism – A Response to the 2010 Easter Commemorations’
  • Aaron Edwards (Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst) ‘Awaking from a Nightmare? Towards a Pluralist Understanding of Contemporary Northern Irish History’
  • Thomas Hennessey (Canterbury Christ Church University) ‘The Troubles: Who Started Them? Ireland in the 1960s and 1970s’
  • Cillian McGrattan (UCD) ‘The Ghosts of Northern Nationalism’

9:2 International Relations & Transnational Political Structures

Lecture Theatre: 4-068
Chair: Francesco Cavatorta, (DCU)

  • Eilís Ward (NUIG) ‘Cosmopolitan Solidarity in International Relations: A Contribution from Buddhist Thought’
  • Diana Panke (UCD) ‘Small States in International Negotiations: How Size Influences the Ability of States to Play Active Roles’
  • Christoph Hönnige (Technische Universiatät Kaiserslautern) & Diana Panke (UCD) ‘Voice Without Vote? Comparing the Influence of the Committee of Regions and the European Economic and Social Committee in the European Union’
  • Sara Dybris McQuaid (University of Aarhus) ‘Recasting Spheres of Political Community and Revisiting the Idea of a “Europe of the Regions”’

9:3 Crime, Victims and State Terrorism
Lecture Theatre: 4-079

Chair: Maura Conway (DCU)

  • Lee Marsden (University of East Anglia) ‘Communicating State Terrorism: A Comparative Analysis of US, UK and Israeli Targeted Killings’
  • Michael Mulqueen (Liverpool Hope University) ‘Gangbusters? Media and the Securitisation of Crime in Ireland During 2009’
  • Tom Clonan (DIT) ‘Media Representation of Crime and Terrorism’


Session 10: 5.30 - 6.00 pm

10. Education Plenary
Lecture Theatre: 4-079

Chair: Clodagh Harris (UCC)

  • Speaker: Dr. James Sloam, (Royal Holloway University London) 'A Pedagogy of Engagement for Higher Education'


PSAI AGM: 6.30-7.30
Lecture Theatre: 4-027


8.00 Radisson Hotel-Golden Lane
Guest Speaker: Senator Ronan Brady

Sunday, 10 October


Session 11: 10.00-11.30

11:1 Nationalism and Conflict
Lecture Theatre: 4-027

Chair: Katy Hayward (QUB)

  • Bill Kissane (LSE) ‘The Nation as a Zone of Civil War’
  • Niall O Dochartaigh (NUIG) ‘Nationalism, Negotiation and the Divisibility of Territory’
  • Kate Bryan (DIT) Terrorists Who Hunger for a Voice: Negative Campaigning and its Effect on Political Discourse

1:2 Issues in Comparative Public Administration: Health, Genetics, Employment and Urban Policy

Lecture Theatre: 4-068
Chair: Sean O’Connor (University of Ulster and DIT)

  • Vivienne Byers (DIT) ‘Irish Health Care: The Evidence on Communicating Policy’
  • Oliver Feeney (NUIG) ‘Incentives, Genetics and the Egalitarian Ethos’
  • Marian Jennings (DIT) ‘Positive Action in Politics – Lessons and Challenges from Employment Equality Law’
  • Josè G. Vargas-Hernàndez (Centro Universitario de Ciencias Económico Administrtivas Universidad de Guadalajara, Mexico) ‘Theoretical Approaches to Shrinking Cities in Mexico: Partnerships Between Governments, Firms, Communities, and New Social Movements’

11:3 The Long War Continued? Assessing the Republican Dissident Challenge to Northern Ireland’s New Dispensation II

Lecture Theatre: 4-079
Chair: Aaron Edwards (Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst)

  • Kevin Bean (University of Liverpool) ‘Defining the Dissidents: Tradition and Change in the Politics of the Thirty Two County Sovereignty Committee and éirigí’
  • F. Stuart Ross (QUB) ‘Echoes of ’81? Republican Prisoners and the Maghaberry Crisis’
  • Paddy Hoey (Liverpool Hope University/University of Liverpool) ‘Rethinking Republican Dissidence: Situating éirigí Within Global Left Movements’

Coffee Break: 11.30-12.00 Exhibition Area- Fourth Floor

Session 12; 12.00-1.30

12:1 Global Political Theory: Perspectives on Justice and Civil Society

Lecture Theatre: 4-027
Chair: Andrew Shorten (UL)

  • Susan P. Murphy (UCD) ‘How do the Circumstances of Assistance Shape Our Understanding of and Response to Situations of Disaster?’
  • Brid O’Rourke (UCD) ‘Bringing the People Back In: Civil Society Activism and Related Ideas of Citizenship’
  • Andrew Shorten (UL) ‘Cosmopolitanism, Toleration and “Respect for Peoples”’
  • Owen Worth (UL) & Kyle Murray (UL) ‘Hegemony Revisited: Revitalising Gramscian Theory in International Relations’

12.2 Electoral Politics in Ireland and Eurovision
Lecture Theatre: 4-068

Chair: Michael Gallagher, (TCD)

  • Thomas Däubler (TCD) ‘The Creation of Election Manifestos in the Republic of Ireland’
  • Theresa Reidy (UCC) ‘Boom and Bust: Economic Voting in Ireland’
  • Adrian Kavanagh (NUIM) ‘Politics, Ireland and the Eurovision Song Contest’

12:3 Historical Perspectives on the Politics of Ireland
Lecture Theatre: 4-079

Chair: John Hogan (DIT)

  • Kevin Hora (DIT) ‘A Proposal for Inaugurating a Publicity Campaign in the United States, Great Britain, and the Continent in the Interests of Irish Free State Industry and Commerce – Doremus and the Free State, 1928’
  • Tony Craig (Hertford College, Oxford) ‘Monitoring the Peace?: The Origins, Work and Implications of Incident Centres in Northern Ireland During the 1975 Provisional IRA Ceasefire’
  • Deirdre McHugh (NUIG) ‘Dominant Ideologies and Consensus in RTE’s Coverage of the Northern Irish Civil Rights Movement’

Conference Close: 1.30 pm.

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