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‌‌‌‌General Assessment Regulations - TU Dublin - City Campus

General Assessment Regulations (Revised November 2018)‌‌ - Effective for 2018/2019 assessments onwards

Rialacháin Ghinearálta Measúnaithe (November 2018) - Effective for 2018/2019 assessments onwards

 General Assessment Regulations (Revised Chapters 10 and 11 - March 2018)‌ - Effective for sessional and supplemental assessments for 2017/2018

List of permitted and prohibited calculators in Examinations‌ 

The University (City Campus) has adopted the rules of the State Examination Commission in relation to the use of calculators in Examinations. 

Please see: List of permitted and prohibited calculators in Examinations.

If a calculator is not listed here it is prohibited, unless specifically approved in advance for use during the examination by the relevant School.

Personal Circumstances / Recheck of Examination Result / Remark of Examination / Examination Appeal

Information Leaflet
Personal Circumstances Form
Professional Opinion Form
Recheck Application Form
Remark Application Form
Appeal Application Form

Privacy Notice for Recheck, Remark, Personal Circumstances and Professional Opinion Forms is available at: GDPR