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Why do my students need to complete a Module Student Evaluation Questionnaire (Q6a)?

Providing students with the opportunity to evaluate their modules and programmes is a core component of the Institute’s Quality Enhancement procedures as specified in the Institute’s Handbook for Academic Quality Assurance. 

As the primary beneficiary of module delivery, students  can provide unique insights and feedback to you on their perception of module content and delivery which you may use to inform your future module design and delivery. 

Does this mean lecturers no longer need to hand out Q6A forms in class?

Yes, students correctly registered on Taught will receive the the Q6a form.  The only exclusions are for Students Registered on either Junior Music, Apprenticeship or Research programmes and on programmes which have less than 3 students registered.

Why is there new software being used for this Survey?

Academic Council undertook an extensive consultative exercise.  This exercise identified key deficiencies in relation to the existing software, particularly in relation to the readability of the reports.  The new system should be more user friendly for both lecturers and students. 

What is Question Personalisation?

The new software has the flexibility to enable lecturers add their own personal questions.  The Institute’s Academic Council has agreed that lecturers may add up to 3 additional questions of their choice.  This is entirely up to each lecturer. 

What is the benefit of me undertaking Question Personalisation?

The existing Q6a questions are generic for all modules; Question Personalisation enables you to tailor questions towards your specific module.  For example if you have a site visit you may wish to ask students specifically about this or any other aspect of module content / delivery. 

Where did the Standard Questions on the Q6a come from?

The standard questions were agreed nationally across the Institute of Technology sector and have been in operation for many years. 

Can I change the Standard Questions on the Q6a form?

No these changes cannot be amended at this stage.  It  is however envisaged that the Institute will engage in a future project to reconsider these questions with a view to reducing the number of questions and being able to tailor questions towards specific module types e.g. Study Abroad, Work Placement, Practice-Based

What sort of questions can I add on the Question Personalisation?

You can add up to 3 questions, these can be either Open Questions or Likert Scale Questions  or a mixture of the 2. 

How do I add additional questions to the Survey?

You will receive an email from on 28th November 2018, which will provide you with a link to Blue Software.  You can click on reset password and you will be sent a new link which will enable you to set your own password for the system.  Once logged in, click on Question Personalisation you will see the list of  modules with which you are associated.   You can then add up to three questions.  For further information please click here (Add link to video) or attend one of our drop in sessions as follows:

  • Thursday, 29th November, DIT, Aungier Street, Room2-075,  12.30 -2pm,
  • Friday, 30th November, DIT Grangegorman, NA-005 12.30-1.30pm,
  • Monday, 3rd December, DIT Cathal Brugha Street Room 44,  1-2pm,
  • Tuesday, 4th December, DIT Bolton Street, Room BL345, 12.30-2pm BL345.

What happens if I don’t add additional questions to the Survey?

The students registered on the modules with which you are associated will still receive the standard Q6a questionnaire and may complete it. 

I have missed the deadline for Question Personalisation; can I still add additional Questions?

No once the deadline has passed, the system will be configured and made accessible for students to answer questions so it is not possible to make questions at this stage.  However, module evaluations are issued each semester so you will have another opportunity in the following semester. 

When will I receive the results from the Module Student Evaluation Questionnaire?

On the 7th January 2019 you will receive an email from prompting you to login to Blue to obtain your module evaluation reports. 

What am I expected to do with the results of the Module Student Evaluation Questionnaire?

In line with the Institutes Quality Enhancement procedures, you may either provide this summary directly to your programme committee or summarise it onto the Q6b form and then provide this summary to your programme committee. 

Who else will receive the results from the Module Student Evaluation Questionnaire?

Your head of school will be able to obtain copies of reports either by requesting these directly from you or by logging into the Blue system.

What dates is the Questionnaire Live from?

Thursday 6th December – Tuesday 18th December 2018

I have forgotten my password how do I reset it?

If you find the email from, it will provide you with a link to reset your password.  Alternatively you can logon to the Blue website. Live address will be provided here once the survey is live.