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Frequently Asked Questions on Module Student Evaluation Questionnaire (Q6a)

How long will it take to complete?

Each questionnaire takes less than 5 minutes to complete.

Why do I need to complete a Module Student Evaluation Questionnaire (Q6a)?

It is important give lecturers your viewpoint so they can have a better understanding of the students opinion on module content and delivery and can take this into account when designing and delivering modules. 

What will happen to the results of the Q6a Questionnaire?

An anonymised summary report for each module will be provided to lectures on 7th January 2019.  Lecturers.  Lecturers may either provide this report directly to the relevant programme committee(s) or summarise it onto the Q6b for consideration of the relevant programme committee(s).   Your head of school may also review these reports. 

I have received a request to complete a survey for a module that I am not taking?

The information for the Survey was taken from the Student Registration System: Banner on 26th November 2018.  If you have received a request for a survey you are not taking this may mean that you have not deselected the modules as requested to by Student Development Services and should do this.  If you have deselected your modules as requested and you still received a request to complete a survey for a module you are not taking, you should email, so we can investigate this. 

Are the results of the survey anonymous?

Yes, lecturers will not be able to see which students have completed the surveys.  However we would remind you not to make free text comments that may make you identifiable. 

I have not received a request to complete a survey for some modules that I am taking?

This may mean that you have not been registered for these modules and you should contact, so we can investigate this.

How do I access the survey to complete it?

You will receive an email from which will provide a link to complete the survey.  If you have not received this between 6th – 17th December, please check your spam folder and then email so we can investigate this.

Can I make a complaint using the Module Student Evaluation Questionnaire?

The purpose of the Q6A is to provide students with the opportunity to evaluate the modules they have receive and to express your opinion on the content and delivery of these modules.  If you wish to make an official complaint, this should be done in accordance with the relevant Institute policies, e.g. Handbook for Academic Quality Enhancement  or via the Student Dignity and Respect Policy

When is the Survey Deadline?

12.00 noon on Tuesday, 17th December 2018