Module Selection

Each academic year DIT students are required to check that the correct modules are on their student record. 

All DIT programmes contain a number of modules which must be completed each academic year.

Some programmes contain Core Modules only while others contain Core and Optional Modules
        Core Modules - student is obliged to attend and be examined in
        Optional Modules - student chooses to attend and be examined in

An email will be sent to your DIT student email informing you when to complete this process. 
The email will contain the following:

  • Web Link to the Module Selection Self Service System
  • Student’s User ID
  • Closing Date for Module Selection Process

Module Selection Process Timetable






Semester 1


  • Confirm Semester 1 Modules
  • Confirm Year Long Modules

Semester 2


  • Confirm Semester 2 Modules


Add / Drop Modules

Search Module Database

Frequently Asked Questions

Module Selection User Guide











Students can contact us via their DIT Student Email Address

Please always quote the following information in your email:

  • Student Name
  • DIT Student Number
  • Programme Code & year of Study


    Telephone: + 353 1 402 4663

Please quote the following information when phoning the Registration Service

  • DIT Student Number
  • Programme Code & Year of Study









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