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RESC Peer Reviewed Publications

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1. Liu Z, Mothersill C, McNeill FE,  Lyng FM, Hyun Byun S, Seymour CB and Prestwich W,  A dose threshold for a medium transfer bystander effect for a human skin cell line, Radiation Research  166(1) 19-23 2006
2. Lyng FM, Maguire P, Kilmurray N, Mothersill C, Shao C, Folkard M and Prise KM, Apoptosis is initiated in human keratinocytes exposed to signalling factors from microbeam irradiated cells, International Journal of Radiation Biology 82 (6) 393-399 2006
3. Lyng FM, Maguire P, McClean B, Seymour C, Mothersill C, The involvement of calcium and MAP kinase signalling pathways in the production of radiation induced bystander effects, Radiation Research  165(4):400-9  2006
4. Glaviano A, Nayak V, Cabuy E, Yin Z, Newson R, Ladon D, Rubio MA, Slijepcevic P, Lyng F, Mothersill C and Case CP, hTERT Partially Protects against Metal Ion-Induced Genomic Instability. Oncogene 8;25(24) 3424-35 2006
5. Shao C, Lyng FM, Folkard M, Michael BD, Prise KM, Targeted Radiation Induced Bystander Responses of Calcium Fluxes and Micronuclei Formation in Glioma and Fibroblast.  Radiation Research 166(3):479-87 2006
6. Davoren, M., Fogarty, A.M. (2006). In vitro cytotoxicity assessment of the biocidal agents sodium o-phenylphenol, sodium o-benzyl-p-chlorophenol, and sodium p-tertiary amylphenol using established fish cell lines. Toxicology in Vitro 20, 1190-1201
7. Ní Shúilleabháin, S., Mothersill, C. Sheehan, D., O’Brien, N.M., O’ Halloran, J., Van Pelt, F.N.A.M., Kilemade, M., Davoren, M.  (2006) Cellular responses in primary epidermal cultures from rainbow trout exposed to zinc chloride. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety  65 (3)  332-341   .
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9. O'Dowd C, Mothersill CE, Cairns MT, Austin B, McClean B, Lyng FM, Murphy JE. The release of bystander factor(s) from tissue explant cultures of rainbow trout (Onchorhynchus mykiss) after exposure to gamma radiation Radiat Res. 166(4) 611-7 (2006).