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RESC Peer Reviewed Publications

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1. Nugent S.M., Lyng F.M., Seymour C, McClean B, Mothersill CE, Murphy JE Increased mitochondrial mass in cells with functionally compromised mitochondria post exposure to both direct ¿ radiation and bystander factors. Radiat Res. 2007 168(1):134-42.
2. A.D. Meade, F.M. Lyng, P. Knief and H.J. Byrne (2007), Growth substrate induced functional changes elucidated by FTIR and Raman spectroscopy in in-vitro cultured human keratinocytes.  Analytical and BioAnalytical Chemistry 387  (5 )  1717-1728  
3. Maguire P, Seymour C, Mothersill C, Lyng FM  (2007)  Modulation of radiation responses by pre-exposure to irradiated cell conditioned medium. Radiation Research  167 (4)  485-492  
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5. Nugent SME, Mothersill CE, Seymour C, McClean B, Lyng FM and Murphy JEJ (2007), Increased mitochondrial mass in cells with functionally compromised mitochondria post exposure to both direct ¿ radiation and bystander factors.  Radiation Research  168 (1)   134-142  
6. Herzog, E., Casey, A., Lyng, F.M., Chambers, G., Byrne H.J., Davoren, M. A new approach to the toxicity testing of carbon-based nanomaterials—The clonogenic assay. 2007. Toxicology Letters 174, 49-60.
7. Casey, A., Herzog, E., Davoren, M., Lyng, F.M., Byrne H.J., Chambers, G.  Spectroscopic analysis confirms the interactions between single walled carbon nanotubes and various dyes commonly used to assess cytotoxicity. 2007. Carbon 45, 1425-1432.
8. Davoren, M., Herzog, E., Casey, A., Cottineau, B., Chambers, G., Byrne, H.J., Lyng, F.M.  In vitro toxicity evaluation of single walled carbon nanotubes on human A549 lung cells. 2007. Toxicology in Vitro 21, 438-448
9. Casey, A., Davoren, M., Herzog, E., Lyng, F.M.,Byrne, H.J.,  Chambers, G.. Probing the interaction of single walled carbon nanotubes within cell culture medium as a precursor to toxicity testing. 2007. Carbon 45, 34-40.
10. M Devereux, D O’Shea,  M O’Connor, H Grehan, G Connor, M McCann,  G Rosair, F Lyng, A Kellett, M Walsh, D Egan and B Thati (2007), Synthesis, catalase,  superoxide dismutase and antitumour activities of Copper(II) carboxylate complexes incorporating  benzimidazole, 1,10-phenanthroline and bipyridine ligands. Polyhedron 26  (15)   4073-4084  
11. Gueven N, Becherel O.J, Howe O, Chen P, haince J-F, Oueller M, Poirier G, Waterhouse N, Fuber M, Epe B, Murcia J M, de Murcia G, McGowen C, Parton R, Mothersill C, Grattan-Smith P, Lavin M.F. (2007) A novel form of ataxia ocumomotor apraxia characterised by oxidative stress and apoptosis resistance.  Cell Death Differentiation, 14(6): 1149-1161.