DIT R&D Centres 

Antenna and High Frequency Research Centre AHFRC

AHFRC specialises in the analysis, design and measurement of RF and microwave devices for wireless communications and medical applications.

Applied Intelligence Research Centre

The Applied Intelligence Research Centre researches the application of computational intelligence technologies to real world problems.  The core competencies of the AIRC include machine learning, language technologies, intelligent agents and data analytic. 

Business Society and Sustainability Research Centre

The Business, Society and Sustainability Research Centre is committed to critical and creative analysis and reflection on the impacts of business on the wider society and the impact of the wider society on business.

Centre for Biomimetic and Therapeutic Research (CBTR)

The Centre for Biomimetic and Therapeutic Research (CBTR) runs a range of postgraduate and undergraduate research projects aimed at novel materials development for applications as diverse as molecular recognition, biomimetic chemistry and supramolecular chemistry.

For more information: e: mary.mcnamara@dit.ie

CNRI logo

Communications Network Research Institute (CNRI)

CNRI specialises in pure and applied research in all aspects of communications networks

Centre for Research in Engineering Surface Technology (CREST)

CREST is the leading surface coatings and corrosion control laboratory in Ireland.

The Centre for Social and Educational Research (CSER)

CSER is a dynamic and innovative research centre which seeks to improve the quality of life of children, family and society.

CTMP logo

Centre for Transcultural Research and Media Practice (CTMP)

CTMP offers a distinctive, interdisciplinary postgraduate and research environment, dedicated to scholarly and public understandings of migration and globalization, post-conflict/border zones and transcultural identity formations in Ireland and beyond

Dublin Energy Lab logo

Dublin Energy Lab (DEL)

DEL is a leading energy related research and development laboratory

The Digital Media Centre (DMC)

DMC research is focused on spatial IT, speech, audio and cognition and social and e-community software

Food and Health Research Centre

Research in the Food and Health Research Centre (FHRC) is interdisciplinary and applied and is both industry and policy relevant. The cross-disciplinary teams of researchers focus on six thematic areas. For more information download the pdf here: Food and Health Research Centre


Graduate School of Creative Arts and Media

GradCAM is an exciting new collaborative initiative of national and all-island significance which builds on the expertise of the Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT), the National College of Art & Design (NCAD), the University of Ulster (UU), and the Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Dún Laoghaire (IADT).

IEO logo

Industrial Engineering Optics (IEO)

The IEO centre specialises in holographic and interferometric techniques.


The Nanolab Research Centre has unparalleled expertise in state of the art nano material characterisation and the analysis of the interaction of Nanomaterials with biological systems, both mammalian and aquatic (fresh and marine water) systems. For more information download pdf here: Nanolab Centre


Photonics Research Centre (PRC)

PRC undertakes research in a number of areas of photonics with a particular emphasis on optical sensing

Radiation and Environmental Science Centre (RESC)

RESC is an academic centre specialising in radiation biology and environmental toxicology