"To neglect an idea is tantamount to throwing away business"

Innovation is fundamental to maintaining a competitive edge in industry. But sometimes time and financial contraints can prevent you from developing innovative ideas that could become an important source of revenue in the future.

DIT is committed to advancing basic, applied and commercially-viable research. With over 850 full-time academics and an extensive range of facilities DIT can offer industry an efficient and effective means of developing ideas into tangible and socially beneficial projects.

With over 100 years experience in building and applying our specialist knowledge-base, the DIT offers you the most effective means of investigating those fields of critical importance to your business. We have all the information you need to identify the appropriate funding for your particular research needs and can help you complete funding applications, identify resources and facilitate collaboration.

With all the funding programmes that DIT has access to we can help you reduce the cost of your research and development. For example, with Enterprise Ireland's Innovation Partnership Programme companies can propose a research project in collaboration with DIT and receive up to 75% of the project costs. The objective of EI's Innovation Voucher initiative is to build links between Ireland's public knowledge providers and small businesses and create a cultural shift in the small business community's approach to innovation. If you own or manage a small company and you have a business opportunity or problem that you want to explore, you can apply for an Innovation Voucher worth €5,000 and use it to offset the costs of your research project.

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