PhD Opportunities in Sciences and Health

Available PhD Projects

We are looking for exceptional candidates to join our researchers community under one of the projects listed below. Applicants who would like to submit an application for funding can choose one of the projects listed below and further develop the project proposal with the relevant supervisor.

 School of Biological Sciences 

Fiosraigh First Time Supervisor Award


School of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences 

Self-funded projects:


School of Computing

Self-funded projects:

School of Food Science and Environmental Health

Self-funded projects: 

 ‌‌‌     The optimal use of solar drying to improve the sustainability of food systems in

Funded Projects:


School of Mathematical Sciences

Self-funded projects:


School of Physics and Clinical & Optometric Sciences

Fiosraigh Enterprise Scheme Funded Projects:

Identification of biomarkers to predict treatment response in head and neck...


Non-Funded (Scholarship not available, fees & materials to be paid):

 *This project requires substantial material costs and may not be suitable for self-funded applicants.

 Self-funded projects:



to submit an application for one of the above PhD projects