Research Opportunities: College of Arts & Tourism 

Research at the College of Arts & Tourism

Research at the College of Arts & Tourism is organised around four main themes, each of which involves close co-operation between Schools, researchers and research centres.
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1. Intelligent Media Content and Applications

Research is focused on: 

  • creative and cultural applications of intelligent media technologies
  • geospatial imaging
  • interactive 3D interfaces
  • social software

2. Transforming Cultures and Social Justice

Research has research expertise in: 

  • cultural change and social intervention in Ireland and internationally
  • issues of migration and new modes of citizenship
  • gender, sexuality and the law
  • diversity and equality issues
  • juvenile crime and youth justice
  • media, technologies and civil society

 3. Education, Social Context and Policy

Research is focused on: 

  • early childhood care and education
  • higher education policy
  • social care/alternative care
  • media literacy

  4. Performing Cultures and Public Life

The Faculty has research expertise in: 

  • practice-based research in visual, performing and media arts
  • music performance, composition and public exhibition
  • music pedagogy
  • historical musicology

Research Centres and Units 

1. GradCAM@DIT: the Graduate School for Creative Arts and Media, supports doctoral research in areas across design, visual and performing arts, media practice and their associated critical, historical and theoretical discourses.

Contact: Dr Mick Wilson,
t;: +353 1 6461181

2. The Digital Media Centre (DMC): a multidisciplinary environment for research, education and commercial development. 

Contact: Charlie Pritchard,
t: +353 1 402 3026

 3. The Centre for Transcultural Research and Media Practice (CTMP): leads research on migration, intercultural formations and new ethnicities in Ireland based on ethnographically-informed and practice-based social research.

 Contact: Dr Áine O’Brien,
t: +353 1 402 3048

 4. The Centre for Social and Educational Research (CSER): co-ordinates research of public and policy relevance. 

Contact: Dr Kevin Lalor,
t: +353 1 402 4163

 5. The Drawing Lab: contributes to the discourse and practice of drawing, where ‘drawing’ is explicitly understood in the widest possible sense. 

Contact: Mr Brian Fay,
t:  +353 1 402 4188

 6. The Centre for Media Research: co-ordinates research in the areas of journalism and civil society, new media technologies, and in media literacy. 

Contact: Dr Nora French,
t: +353 1 402 3098

The College of Arts & Tourism offers postgraduate studies by research leading to an MPhil or PhD. Students are encouraged to apply in any area of expertise covered by the College’s designated research themes. Graduate students participate in the Institute’s doctoral programme providing research-led teaching, learning and supervision.

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For further information on available supervision, please contact: 

Dr Sheila Flanagan

College Head of Research