Research Groups and Other Units

Applied Electrochemistry Group (AEG)

The Applied Electrochemistry Group of DIT carries out research in electrochemistry with special emphasis being placed on practical aspects of the subject. Electrochemistry is an important branch of physical chemistry that deals with the chemical action of electricity and/or the production of electricity by chemical reactions.  Read more....

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The Audio Research Group (ARG)

ARG specialise in speech and audio processing

Bioplasma Research Group

The BioPlasma group is a multidisciplinary research group bringing together scientists and engineers to develop plasma solutions for the life sciences.‌ 

The Chemistry Education Research Team (CERT)

The Chemistry Education Research Team (CERT) was established in 2005 with the aim of incorporating best practices in emerging education research into day-to-day teaching.

Construction Innovation Lab

The CIL is a student led initiative to assist undergraduate and postgraduate students with research topics identified by industry; we believe the revival of the Irish construction industry will be decided through innovation by research.

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consumption & leisure studies group

The consumption & leisure studies group aims to bring together students and academics researching in the areas of consumption, consumer society, media studies, and sport and leisure studies.


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Discourse Analysis Group

DAG (Discourse Analysis Group)was formed by Business Faculty staff and postgraduate students in October 2003, though the group quickly attracted contributions from across the institution. Read more....

Development Technology in the Community (DTC)

The Development Technology in the Community (DTC) Research Group was established for the promotion of Sustainable Environmental, Water and Sanitation Technologies.

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The Futures Academy

The Futures Academy is an applied research and strategic consultancy organisation established in order to promote a fresh and more effective approach towards long-term planning


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Institute for Minority Entrepreneurship (IME)

IME  was established to offer the different minority groups in Ireland equal opportunity through entrepreneurship education and training

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National Institute for Transport and Logistics (NITL)

NITL is a fundamental resource for logistics and sustainable transport efficiency in Ireland

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Physics Education Research Group (PERG)

PERG - researching pedagogical innovations in physics education


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Research Institute for Culture and Heritage (RICH)

RICH exists to foster the development of high quality research in culture and heritage related areas by leveraging the combined expertise of DIT's research community

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DIT Retail Research Unit (DRRU)

DRRU , as well as it's main mission, focussed on academic research, the Unit has amassed considerable experience in conducting retailer client research, consultancy and sectoral competitiveness analysis.

 Spatial Information Research Group (SInRG)

The purpose of SInRG is to provide a coherent structure for the promotion and development of departmental research in the spatial information sciences and related areas.


People Oriented Technology (TeaPOT)

TeaPOT Research into technology that interacts with humans or with the human body