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Research projects will require a certain level of expenditure which can vary significantly depending on the nature of the research being carried out. In addition all graduate students are required to pay registration fees.  

Students can self-fund all the costs above if they are in a position to do so. However, some projects are not suitable for self-funded students as they will require a high level of costs such as laboratory materials which cannot be sustained by a single individual.

Students also need to consider how they will fund their living costs throughout the duration of their research programme.

Scholarship opportunities available to research applicants are as follows:

Foreign Governments may also provide funding for their citizens: 

China - see information on the CSC Chinese Scholarship Council

Kazakhstan - see information on the Bolashak International Scholarship

Saudi Arabia - see information on the King Abdullah Scholarship Programme

Brazil - see information on the CNPq website

Mexico - see information on the Conacyt website