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First place win in Paris for Molecular Gastronomy

Joint First Place winners: Ruth Kelly, DIT and Blandine Dallemagne, Chimie ParisTech, (centre, front) with Dr. Hervé This (centre left) Co-founder of Molecular Gastronomy, and some of the judges and organizers of the International Contest for Note by Note Cooking.

20, June, 2018

Ruth Kelly, MSc student in the DIT School of Culinary Arts and Food Technology, has won joint First Place in the student category at a major international molecular gastronomy competition, Note by Note, held in Paris on June 1st, 2018. 


Based on molecular gastronomy, Note by Note cuisine was founded by Dr. Hervé This.  Dishes are made using pure compounds rather than animal or plant tissues.

The Sixth International Contest for Note by Note Cooking took place in AgroParisTech, and the challenge for competitors from nine countries was ‘Crackling and crispiness’.  Ruth Kelly won joint first place for her dish, ‘A Dish Reminiscent of Black Forest Gateaux (Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte) incorporating an isomalt dome with a crisp and crunchy texture and honeycomb providing a crunchy and crackling texture’. Photo attached.

Proposals were evaluated by a jury of eminent experts including Michel Nave - Chef of Pierre Gagnaire, Patrick Terrien - former Chef of the chefs at the School Le Cordon Bleu, Sandrine Kault-Perrin - Company Louis François, Michael Pontif - Company Iqemusu.  The prize winners received odorant products from the Iqemusu (www.iqemusu), products for consistency by Louis François, and the latest books by Dr. Hervé This. 

Ruth’s travel to Paris was very kindly supported by La Rousse Foods.