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Information, Communications & Media Technologies

TU Dublin Research teams are focused on providing solutions that support the use of ICT in areas ranging from commerce to social policy and healthcare.  By actively investigating issues including broadband traffic management, wireless propagation, ‘big data’, machine learning and more, we are continually assessing the expansive role of ICT in modern life. At TU Dublin, we are also making use of ICT to develop better services and experiences for consumers such as cultural heritage applications, city services, music and entertainment.

As data volumes grow and personalisation of digital experiences approaches peak demand, society needs to quickly and efficiently manage these new challenges. We’re proud to say that many of TU Dublin’s research outputs have found their way into products and services provided by companies with household names such as Sony and Cisco.

TU Dublin is in the process of consolidating its research in this field into an Information, Communications & Entertainment Institute (ICE). Professor John Kelleher is the Academic Leader for this Institute. 

Research Institutes, Centres & Groups


Focas Research Institute (FOCAS)

Information, Communications & Entertainment Institute (ICE)  




Designated Research Centres

Antenna & High Frequency Research Centre (AHFRC)

Applied Intelligence Research Centre (AIRC)

Communications Network Research Institute (CNRI)

Photonics Research Centre (PRC) 

Research Groups and Units

Featured Projects

Linguistics Olympiad

ADAPT’s education and public engagement programme aims to educate future leaders in disciplines related to digital content and to actively engage the public with our research. An example of this is ADAPT’s All Ireland Linguistics Olympiad (AILO)

Featured Publications & Research Outputs

OptiWi-fi is the first company globally that enables Wi-Fi providers to manage their entire Wi-Fi network service in real-time. It was founded in 2012 by Professor Mark Davis, Chief Innovation Officer and CEO Mark Burke. Professor Davis is the Wi-Fi patent inventor and manager of of TU Dublin's Communications Network research Institute (CNRI).