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New Materials & Devices

Developments in materials science have led to many crucial breakthroughs. And our research teams at TU Dublin have been at the forefront in driving change in several key sectors, including healthcare, manufacturing and pharma.Materials science holds the key to making our environment safer, healthier, cleaner, and more efficient.

In specific terms, TU Dublin materials scientists work closely with paint manufacturers, the aero-industry, sanitary ware, metal fabricators, auto-component manufacturers and food producers to provide novel coatings that are easier to manufacture and apply, safer to use, and more environmentally friendly too. They are also working with the pharmaceutical sector on novel delivery systems that deliver smaller doses of medications to more limited areas of the body, speeding up treatments and reducing side effects.

Our research specialists have so often played a leading role and TU Dublin researchers are currently contributing to the development and verification of standards including European-wide standards on the handling and safety of nano-materials.