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Building your Researcher Development Plan

Using the TU Dublin Researcher Development Framework and through conversations with your PI and  other colleagues you should identify training and development gaps related to both an immediate priority (e.g. your work on a specific research project/s) and also your longer term career aspirations.  

Typically a postdoctoral researcher/early career researcher is concerned with applying for research funding as a stepping stone on the road to independence.  So becoming familiar with relevant funders and the requirements of their funding schemes is a goal all postdoctoral and early career researchers are likely to have.  Your relevant funders will have expectations around the quality they expect of successful  proposals  and the curriculum vitae of the submitting researcher.  So early familiarity with research  funders and their funding schemes is recommended. You can then begin your developmental journey,  acquiring the knowledge and skills to submit an excellent research proposal,  supported by a curriculum vitae that will convince  evaluators that you are appropriately and excellently qualified to undertake a particular research project.

TU Dublin Researcher Development
Framework Area

Where to go for a workshop or support

A) Discipline/Disciplinary Specific

  • PI
  • Institute Academic Leader
  • College Head of Research
  • Local School/ Research Centre
  • Relevant Professional Associations
  • Relevant Networks

B) Engagement, Dissemination and Impact

  • Research, Enterprise & Innovation Services (REIS)
  • Hothouse
  • Library Services
  • Digital Skills & Research Hub
  • Learning, Teaching & Technology Centre
  • Graduate Research School

C) Professionalism

  • REIS
  • Research Finance/Corporate Services
  • Research Ethics & Integrity Committee
  • Staff Development
  • Health & Safety Unit

D) Career Development Skills

  • PI/Line Manager
  • REIS
  • Staff Development