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Equality & Diversity

Women in Research
Aurora Leadership Development Programme for Women

The Aurora Leadership Development Programme is specifically designed for women to support their career progression. The programme aims to address the gender imbalance in senior roles highlighted in the HEA National Review of Gender Equality in Irish Higher Education Institutions (June 2016) and to support the recommendations of the TU Dublin  Athena SWAN Committee .

The Aurora programme is designed to develop leadership competencies, to create awareness of the issues facing women’s career progression in higher education, and to increase the pool of women applying for leadership and promotional roles.  

The programme is targeted at women in lecturer, senior lecturer, research and professional services roles across all academic disciplines and throughout the University's administrative functions.   The  Aurora Leadership Development Programme comprises of a number of modules including Identity, Impact & Voice; Power and Politics; Action Learning; Core Leadership Skills; Adaptive Leadership Skills. 

If you wish learn more about the  Aurora Leadership Development Programme please contact  Dr. Ashley O’Donoghue, Head of Staff Development (

Information on equality and diversity policies and developments

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