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Induction, Orientation and Career Development Planning

On joining TU Dublin:

  • You will be invited to attend a TU Dublin Staff Induction;
  • You may avail of a Research, Enterprise & Innovation Services (REIS) Orientation which can be done in small groups or on an individual basis (contact:;
  • You should meet with your PI to begin the process of developing a Researcher Development Plan.  For postdoctoral researchers it is recommended that the first iteration should be developed within the first three months of joining TU Dublin;  
  • You may avail of supports in REIS around research funding opportunities and proposal development; 
  • May generally avail of the workshops and developmental opportunities arranged locally and centrally;  See summary – insert text as appropriate
  • You should have regular meetings with relevant colleagues e.g. PI and REIS colleagues in order to ensure a consistent and planned approach to your development as a researcher and also to ensure  that you are  continuing to acquire knowledge and skills which support this  development.