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Networking/Making the Most of Conferences

Dr. Steve Hutchinson - 30 April 2019

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ECR Workshop - Developing an online Presence

Melda Slattery, Head of Public Affairs,
Linda Donegan, Marketing & Communications
Lisa Saputo, Public Relations Officer
Tony Farrelly, Web & Online Media Officer

Online Presence .Web tools.SEO 10.04.19

Marketing yourself as a researcher 10.04.19

Media Relations for Researchers Presentation 10.04.19



Principles and Practice of Research Project Management 
AideenO’Byrne, Post Award Manager,
Catherine McGarvey, Research Accountant, Corporate Services
Andrew Kelso, Head, Portfolio Management Office (PMO)


Post Award Management Office 27.03.19

Research Finance Office 27.03.19

Project Management Overview 27.03.19


Initiate and Develop Industry Relationships
Dr Andrew Marsh, Hothouse TU Dublin 

Case Study of an Industry Research Project
Dr Rena Barry-Ryan
Senior Lecturer, College of Arts and Tourism 

Working with Industry/External Organisations for Researchers
David Kirk
Head of Corporate Partnerships TU Dublin

Research with Community Groups, NGOs
Dr Matt Bowden
Senior Lecturer & Head of Research, College of Arts and Tourism

Industry Engagement
Dr. Susan McKeever
Senior lecturer in School of Computer Science

Initiate and Develop Industry Relationships: 13.03.19

Case Study of an Industry Research Project 13.03.19


Working with Industry/External Organisations for Researchers: 13.03.19


Research with Community Groups, NGOs: 13.03.19

Industry Engagement: 13.03.19



Introduction to Recruiting, Managing and Developing
a Research Project Team 
Declan O’Donovan
TU Dublin HR Business Partner


ECR Seminar 06.03 2019