Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Film and Broadcasting

Film & Broadcasting is a 4 year programme about telling stories—whether fictional or factual. It combines high standards of training in production skills to make dramas and documentaries for radio, television and cinema, with a solid academic education in media theory and contextual studies.

While the core focus is on ‘traditional’ media, students in this programme will also study ‘new’ media forms, which still require all of the ‘traditional’ skill sets and are really about delivering stories in different formats or supporting ‘traditional’ story telling (e.g. a TV programme) in different ways. Students broadcast on DITfm, which serves the local community and is available online. This stream offers a focus on Digital Cultures.


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  • Level: 8
  • Duration: Four Years

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Career Paths

Graduates work in all aspects of production and post-production, in broadcasting, in corporate media, in film-making. The graduate’s career path is largely determined by the individual’s interests and specialisations, although with a rounded education, our graduates are extremely flexible. Some go into the supporting roles of production to work towards a career as a producer or director, others go into cameras/cinematography, sound recording, sound post-production, editing, programme development; others go into journalistic roles.