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Angelika Böck
Portrait as Dialogue: Reframing the Intercultural Encounter from a 'Lady's Place'

Val Bogan
Somatic Signage: An Exploratory Visualisation of Patients' Pre-Reflective Self-Consciousness of Disease

Jonathan Cummins
Depth of Field: A Longitudinal Film Dialogue on the Margins of Ireland's Conflict

Maurice Fitzpatrick
Cultural and Political Regeneration in Derry: Historical Documentary Practice

Jenny Haughton
Shaping the Irish Arts Landscape: The Invisible Role of the Public Art Coordinator

Pat Hannon
Contested Ground: Producing Documentaries for 'Local' Radio

Ian Kilroy
Establishing Zen Buddhism in Ireland: An Autoethnography of the Limit Edge of Irish Religious Pluralism

Moira Sweeney
Keepers of the Port: Visualising Place and Belonging in a Dublin Dockworking Community

Fiona Whelan
Listening to Change: A Decade of Socially Engaged Arts Practice with Young People and Adults in Rialto