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Ian Kilroy

Establishing Zen Buddhism in Ireland: An Autoethnography of the Limit Edge of Irish Religious Pluralism

Ian Kilroy

Ian's autoethnographic doctoral research interrogates levels of religious pluralism with a particular focus on the establishment of a Zen Buddhist tradition in Ireland. The thesis foregrounds counter-hegemonic potentialities of Zen Buddhism in the Irish religious landscape, drawing heavily on the author's engagement as a Zen Buddhist priest, member of the Dublin City Interfaith Forum and President of the Irish Buddhist Union. The work is centrally concerned with how minority religious traditions can create cultural, social and other forms of capital to counter the hegemonic position of a dominant faith tradition, which still enjoys a privileged position in the State, through its adept control of myriad forms of capital, despite reports that such control has abated.



Ian Kilroy is a Lecturer in Journalism in the School of Media, DIT. A writer and journalist, he was Arts Editor of the Irish Examiner and Features Writer at the Irish Times, as well as Arts Correspondent at Magill magazine. Recipient of the first Veronica Guerin scholarship for investigative journalism, he holds a first-class honour MA in Journalism from DCU and an MA in English from NUIG. An ordained Zen Buddhist priest (known as Rev. Myozan Kodo), he’s the founding teacher of Zen Buddhism Ireland and founding President of the Irish Buddhist Union. He also represents Buddhism on the Dublin City Interfaith Forum. As a writer, his long poem ‘Brood’ was filmed and broadcast by RTÉ in the 1990s, and his play ‘The Carnival King’, produced by Fishamble, toured nationally and was published by New Island Books. Other scholarly and creative work followed.