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Jenny Haughton

Shaping the Irish Arts Landscape: The Invisible Role of the Public Art Coordinator

Public Art Coordination is an exciting and challenging vocation that sits at the interstices of arts administration, management, practice, curation and publics; this service, however, is barely visible, written about or recognized. Referencing Wendy Griswold’s Cultural Diamond, this thesis constitutes an inquiry into the ‘cultural object’ of Public Art Coordination, arguing for its recognition and position as a distinct practice and affective leadership influence in public service provision. Throughout the thesis I reference my own considerable experience and thinking about working with a diversity of artists and institutions in the public art field to demonstrate how public art coordination constitutes a coherent and distinctive practice, which necessarily traverses traditional hierarchies and normative practice. This study aims to impact on arts policy and arts management studies; curation and fine art practice; democracy building and public service provision.



Jenny Haughton is Public Art Coordinator with the Grangegorman Development Agency, responsible for ‘the lives we live’ Public Art Programme.  She holds a degree in Business and Arts Management from the Institute of Art, Design & Technology and graduated with a Masters in International Security & Conflict Resolution from Dublin City University. Jenny was Coordinator for Ireland’s representation at the Artist and Architectural Biennales in Italy and Brazil from 1997-1983. She was Founder and Artistic Director of Temple Bar Gallery & Studios from 1983-1987. Since founding the Artworking public art agency in 1991, she has written about art in the public domain and pioneered a variety of commissioning methods to engage artists, communities and publics.