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Moira Sweeney

Keepers of the Port: Visualising Place and Identity in a Dublin Dock Community

Moira Sweeney

My practice-based research explores how working in Dublin Port has shaped the everyday lives and experiences of different dock constituencies. In this regard, place is inextricably linked to identity and memory, shaping how stories are recalled and personal narratives constructed. As a documentary filmmaker, I am interested in the way that the layering of aural and visual traces, both material and non-material, allows for the creation of a sense of place. In the thesis filmKeepers of the Docks,the stories of dockworkers and port managers are intertwined with personal reflections surrounding the interconnectedness of global transformations on their working lives. These custodians of the docks are given central voice while the narration draws together interdependent and recurring themes such as the nostalgia for lost communal traditions and the complexity of maritime digitalised structures. My work has been presented at Media and The City, Milan (2012); Geographers Conference of Ireland (2014, 2016, 2018), Royal Geographic Society International Conference, London (2016) and UCD’s Women and The Sea (2016). Written publications include contributions to Media & The City: Urbanism, Technology and Communication (2013) and Mind the Gap: Working Papers on Practice-Based Doctoral Research in the Creative Arts and Media (2016).



Moira Sweeney is a filmmaker, broadcaster, photographer and educator. Her documentaries blend observational and poetic modes of storytelling and have been screened on RTÉ, BBC, TG4 and Channel 4, at the London, Rotterdam, Melbourne, Berlin, Dublin and Edinburgh film festivals and in the Yokohama Museum (2016), Tate Modern (2017) and the Lab (2017). Her work has been nominated for Best Documentary at Boston Irish Film Festival, the Radharc Awards and the Irish Film and Television Academy Awards.