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Shireen Shortt
Speaking Back to Stigma: Participatory Media Practice with Young People in Dublin's North-Inner City

Harry Browne
Subvert and Survive: Soft Power and Popular Resistance at the Transcultural Edges of Hegemony

Giovanna Rampazzo
Formations of Indian Cinema in Dublin: A Participatory Researcher-Fan Ethnography

Darcy Alexandra
Visualising Migrant Voices: Co-Creative Documentary and the Politics of Listening

Satwinder Singh (MPhil)
Formations of the Sikh Community in Ireland

Max Mauro
Kicking the Ball: Youth, Sport and Identity in Ireland

Fidel Taguinod
Licensed to Care: The Transnational Economy of Global 'Pinoy'

Sally Daly
Pick, Pack, Sell: Producing Horticulture in 21st Century Ireland

Eve Olney
Rodney's Archive: An Ethnographic Encounter with a Private Music Collection and its Collector

Mark Curran
A Globalised Vulnerability: Re-Presenting the Labouring Body of Ireland's Newly Industrialised Landscape

Doireann Wallace
Frames and Filters: Rethinking the Photographic Archive

Katie Moylan
Broadcasting Multiculturalism: Migrant Representation and Participation in Irish Radio

Iroh Anaele Diala
Framing the Nigerian Transnational Family: New Formations in Ireland

Cliona Barnes
Boy Culture and the Performance of Teenage Masculinities

Rosella Ragazzi
Walking on Uneven Paths: The Transcultural Experience of Migrant Children in France and Ireland

Kate Boulay
Perfect Match: The Visual Economy of Egg Donation