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Spatial information describes the physical location of objects and the metric relationships between objects. Spatial information is fundamental to everyday life. Satellite images bring daily weather reports and provide farmers with information for precision agriculture; airborne scanners track natural disasters; global positioning systems monitor the location of trucks and taxis; real estate sales use geographic information systems; and maps of all kinds are produced, displayed and analysed using the technology that the spatial information industry provides. The SI industry is a specialised component of the broader information technology sector and has scientific and technical links to many other disciplines.

The Spatial Information Research Group (SInRG) group was established in 2010 by staff members from the Spatial Information Sciences Group at Dublin Institute of Technology. This department is part of the School of Spatial Planning in the College of Engineering and Built Environment. The purpose of SInRG is to provide a coherent structure for the promotion and development of departmental research in the spatial information sciences and related areas. The range of research interests, and both academic and professional experience, of the members of SInRG gives the research group a uniquely broad focus. The group is chaired by Dr. Eugene McGovern and the research group is based in the Bolton Street campus of the Dublin Institute of Technology