‌Health & Safety

Download the Targetting Health and Safety booklet.

Sports Clubs are important and integral parts of college life at DIT and Health and Safety is an important part of the management of any Sports Club. Any Club operating under the auspices of the DIT must ensure that all of its activities are conducted in a prepared, planned and structured manner.

As part of the responsibilities of club committees, all steps possible to ensure the safety and health of club members must be taken. This includes checking certifications of club coaches/instructors, obtaining Club First Aid and CPR Certification, completing accident reports and the overall club risk management for the safety of its participants.

The DIT Sports Committee, in consultation with the DIT Health and Safety Officer, has developed the "DIT Targeting Health and Safety" manual for Sports Clubs. It aims to provide basic guidance to Sports Clubs regarding Health and Safety Provision. It is not a full account of all duties or responsibilities and it is highly recommended that Clubs seek further advice where necessary from their Sports Officer.

'DIT Sports Clubs are committed to a Safe and Healthy environment for all students, staff and outside members. The management of health and safety is the responsibility of everyone'.