Oliver Dingley - Off The Ball Interview

Tue, 03 Jul 2018 14:56:00 IST

DIT Elite Athlete and 2016 Olympian Oliver Dingley gave a candid interview to Off The Ball AM yesterday morning in which he spoke about combining his diving career with college life as well as the difficulties of life after the Rio Olympics in 2016.



Ollie was interviewed by Eoin Sheehan where he spoke about the difficulties he faced in his life during and after the Rio Olympics in 2016 and how starting DITs Film and Broadcasting course in Aungier St in September 2017 helped him overcome the anxiety issues he was dealing with at the time.

From Off The Ball:

"It is great for me to be in [the competitive] environment now, where I feel comfortable in that environment. I think college has had a big part to play - I felt very uncomfortable being in that environment with those divers, and the same with college.

"Last year, I really had a problem with anxiety. With college, I - pardon the pun - really dived headfirst into it. Being amongst those uncomfortable experiences, I felt that really helped me come out of my shell.

"I get very nervous. Especially after the Olympics - I was really hit by anxiety and I would have periods where I wouldn't go to the shops sometimes because I got a bit too nervous with all these people around me. "

"But college has really helped me come out of my shell - even socialising. Not going on nights out, but just going out for a Coke with my mates, and it is pushing myself into those uncomfortable situations that have become comfortable and become the norm. That has really helped in my diving the last year."

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Oliver was speaking to OTB AM, the sports breakfast show from Off The Ball - live every morning from 7.45am