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Welcome to the Directorate of Student Development

The Directorate of Student Development, underpinning the Quality of TU Dublin's Education and the TU Dublin Student Experience

Noel O'Connor Image

Dr. Noel O'Connor, Director of Student Development 

Welcome to the Directorate of Student Development, formally the Directorate of Student services, over the last few years we have moved from a services framework to a development framework retaining a student centred focus that was anchored in student learning and the development of the whole student.

The formation of the Directorate allowed related areas of activity to come together under a single Directorate with a common focus of supporting TU Dublin's student population of 20,000 students. Main areas of activity include: TU Dublin Access & Civic Engagement, TU Dublin Campus Life, TU Dublin Student Administration, TU Dublin Campus Planning, TU Dublin International Office and the TU Dublin Foundation.  

The creation of the Directorate reflected a trend within higher education to better coordinate and integrate student facing services and provide enhanced support to a growing and increasingly disparate student population. There has been significant progress and this work on better integrating activities including Institute-wide approaches and enhancing the overall student experience continues.

 Directorate Structure:

Directorate of Student Development Structure  ‌

The Directorate is committed to deepening its relationship with Colleges and Directorates of TU Dublin and to enhancing the overall quality of education provided within TU Dublin. 

Read more about the transition from Student Services to Student Development at this link:  Directorate of Student Development

Dr. Noel O'Connor, Director of Student Development  

Dublin Insitute Technology Grangegorman


Lower Grangegorman Road

Dublin 7

Ph:  01-4027140



Executive Assistant

Dublin Insitute Technology Grangegorman


Lower Grangegorman Road

Dublin 7

Ph:  01-4028053

Campus Life is overseen by Dr. Brian Gormley :

Brian gormley image

As Head of Campus Life, Brian leads the process of creating a more student-centred  institution, and oversees the development of student activities and support services in TU Dublin. 

Contact Details:

Phone: +3531 4023441


Services under the heading of Campus Life: 

Campus Life

Frank Costello is Head of Admissions 


For further information on all Admissions Services please click here


Dr. Catherine Bates is Head of Access & Civic Engagement:  

The DIT Access & Civic Engagement Service was established in 1999 to assist individuals and communities in overcoming socio-economic barriers to accessing higher education.

Dublin Institute of Technology recognises the role of higher education in providing benefits to individuals and communities and is committed to ensuring that people and communities experiencing educational disadvantage are supported in accessing higher education.

Services under the Heading of Access & Civic Engagement:


The International Office overseas the recruitment and management of International Students 

Click to Access the International Office Website

Dr Robert Flood

Head of International Affairs


Prof. Bing Wu

Head of International Partnering and Engagement


Anne-maire Corry is the Executive Director at the DIT Foundation: 

Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) is one of the largest and most innovative institutions of higher education in Ireland. We have 21,000 students enrolled in over 400 full-time and part-time career focused programmes.

DIT Foundation is a registered charity (CHY 14226) established to support DIT in its mission as a comprehensive higher education institution. The Foundation encourages philanthropic support for DIT from graduates, staff, donors and friends. Philanthropy has a key role to play in leveraging funds and enhancing the resources that can be offered to future generations of students.



Dr. Paul Horan

Head of Campus Planning

T: +353 1 4028002

M: +353 87 9979248







Campus Planning Team

The Campus Planning Team is a group of DIT Staff, seconded to the project from a representative cross-section of areas within DIT. The role of the Team is to:

  • Set up and manage user consultation in the planning of the delivery of the new campus,
  • Develop, refine and test the Strategic Briefs for each element of the new campus and present these to the Senior Leadership Team for approval,
  • Engage with Designers/Consultants/GDA to ensure that the needs of DIT are met and that fitness of purpose of the campus is achieved.

 The Campus Planning Team reports to the Director of Student Services.


 Click here to read more about the development of the Grangegorman Campus