Fees and Grants

Online Registration 2014/15

Our online registrations portal will open on Wednesday 13th August 2014 to enable students to register on their programme for the next academic session 2014-15. 

Details on how to register will be sent to continuing students (who have passed all their exams and assignments) DIT student email account from 15th August onwards.  Please check your DIT email account regularly from mid August 2014.  

Paying your fees to DIT in 2014/15

There are some changes to your Fee Payment options in 2014/15.  Online and phone payment options are unchanged but Bank Giros will no longer be an option when paying fees as the processing of Giros is currently being phased out by most banks.  Students can pay fees in 2014/15 quickly and easily using Debit or Credit card.

NB: All students must pay at least 50% of the fee due before the start of class

Payment Methods

  • Go online and paying via the online registration portal here
  • Call us at 01-4027500 and pay over the phone

Students going online have the option to pay:

  • 100% of the fee due
  • 50% of the fee due
  • Any other amount.  (Students will not be allowed register until at least 50% of the fee due is paid).


Students can pay any amount they wish online in numerous transactions throughout the year from mid August 2014 to 31st January 2015 but should note that all at least 50% of the fee due must be paid before the start of class to register and all fees are due in full  by 31st January 2015 to avoid financial penalties (see below).  After 31st January 2015 access to services will be removed for students with an outstanding fee, including the option to pay online and access to examination results.

Alternatively students can pay by bank transfer to our Bank accounts

Full Time Students:         IBAN:    IE30 AIBK 9310 1218 4114 49                        BIC:        AIBKIE2D

Part Time Students:        IBAN:    IE87 AIBK 9310 1218 4118 78                        BIC:        AIBKIE2D

Please ensure that you quote your DIT student ID number as a reference if using Bank Transfer as the method of Payment.


Payment Deadlines & Financial Penalties


At least 50% of fees must be paid for registration before classes commence in September.

31st October

Students registering/paying after 31st October do not have access to the installment option and must pay the fee in full.
Students also incur a late fee of €200 for non registration on their programme prior to commencement of classes.

1st December

Students not registered by the 1st December are removed from the register and deemed not to be a student of the Institute. Registration after this date incurs a charge of €450 (€200 late fee and €250 re-registration fee). Fulltime undergraduate students who have applied for a grant and have not received notification of eligibility for the grant from the awarding body by 1st December must pay the fee owing to the Institute.

31st January 

2nd Instalment Payment is due by 31st January. Whole-time Undergraduate students who have not registered by 31st January are not entitled to claim free fees and must pay the tuition charge normally covered by the free fees scheme as well as all late charges applicable.  Non payment of the 2nd instalment by 31st January will incur a late fee of €200.

28th February

January start programmes registering/paying after 28th February do not have access to the instalment option and must pay the fee in full. Students also incur a late fee of €200 for non registration on their programme prior to commencement of classes.

31st May  Is the 2nd instalment deadline for programmes with a January start.  Non payment of the 2nd instalment by 31st May will incur a late fee of €200.

NB: Examination results are not released to any student with an outstanding fee and the student will not be permitted to progress to the next Academic Session or graduate with a DIT qualification.


Grant awarded students

Full time undergraduate Students registering online will have the option to declare a grant application which will allow them to register for their programme.  DIT check with all awarding bodies with regard to grant applicants and there is a €500 penalty for falsely claiming a grant application.

Postgraduate students applying for grants will not see this option when registering as the vast majority of Postgraduate students receive an award of €2000 towards fees which leaves a significant balance to be paid by the student.  Postgraduate students seeking a grant must ensure at least 50% of the fee due is paid for registration before class commencement.


If you have any queries in relation to your fees please contact us at Studentfees@dit.ie or call us at 01-4027500 and speak to any of our team.

You can visit www.studentfinance.ie for details of grant application and eligibility. For any fee related queries please call us on 402 7500.

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