Other Fees and Charges

Late Payment of Fees Charges

  • Students who have not paid at least 50% of fees by 31st October will be charged a late fee of €200 and will lose the instalment option to pay fees.
  • A student availing of the instalment option must pay the balance by 31st January. A late payment of an additional €200 will apply to students who have not paid all fees by 31st January.    

January Start Programmes - Can be paid in full before the start of class or in 2 instalments of 50%. 1st Instalment due before the start of class and 2nd instalment due before 31st May. A late payment fee of an additional €200 will apply to students who have not paid all fees by the 31st May.

Re-registration Charge

  • Any student who has not paid the 2nd instalment and the late penalty by 28th February will be removed from the register and therefore will not be eligible to attend classes, submit assessments and sit exams.
  • A re-registration fee of €250, plus all other fees due (late fees, Student Contribution Charge, Tuition etc) will apply to any student wishing to re-register on a programme after 28th February.

Other charges

Charge    Fee    
False Declaration of Grant or Registration Information €500
Lockers* €20
Replacement Locker Keys* €10
Bicycle Key/Card €10
Musical Instrument Hire €100
Replacement Student ID Card €10
Exam Transcripts €15
Exam Appeal Fee (per stage) €75
Exam Recheck €15
Exam Remark €60
Late Examination Entry Fee: Up to one month €60
Late Examination Entry Fee: Each additional month €30
Unpaid Cheque (Administration Charge) €30
External Repeat Fee €300
External Repeat Late Registration Fee after 31st October €200
Carry Fee €100
Supplemental Repeat Fee €100
Graduation & Robing Fee for Undergraduate Students €75
Graduation & Robing Fee for Postgraduate Students €80
Replacement Parchments €75

  * locker fees are under review and are subject to change in some centres.  Check with your local accounts office for details

For a full list of Non-tuition charges please see Non-Tuition Fee 2017-18