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Book a place at your Graduation Ceremony

Please follow the steps outlined below to book a place at your Graduation Ceremony


College of Sciences & Health – Booking Open

College of Engineering & Built Environment - Booking Open 

College of Arts & Tourism – Booking Open

College of Business – Booking Open


To book your place at the TU Dublin Graduation Ceremony you must first book your Graduation Robes online with our Nominated Robing:  Company Armstrong & Oxford

All gowns must be rented through the official TU Dublin supplier –  all students must pay the Graduation fee in order to attend the Graduation.

The Fee is  €80 for Undergraduate Students and €85- for PostGraduate Students. 

Please add your Student ID number to the comments so we can identify you.

We will, however, need you to register with TU Dublin staff on the morning of your graduation to confirm you have arrived and to collect your seat number and tickets that day.  

See your graduation day, for the four-step checklist you will need to carry out on the day.

Congratulations and we look forward to seeing you on the day. 


Unable to Attend

If you are unable to attend, you will be conferred in absentia.  Your parchment can be collected from the Bolton Street Examinations Office from Wednesday 27th February 2019 or can be sent by registered post upon payment of postage. This can be arranged by contacting the Bolton Street Examinations Office at 01-4023629 from Wednesday 27th February 2019