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Graduations Frequently Asked Questions

You will receive your final year exam transcript outlining your final award classification, for example: First Class Honours, Distinction, Merit, Pass etc.

If you are taking supplemental examinations you will only become eligible to graduate when you have confirmation you have passed your final exams. 

If you are opting to take an exit award you will need to contact your local examination office to confirm eligibility.

For students awaiting results for Masters Programmes, you will be contacted when you award board has taken place this may only be two to three weeks before the Graduations Ceremony. 

Please note: If you have outstanding fees you will not be permitted to graduate. All outstanding balances must be paid in full before the graduation date in order to graduate.


Yes, you need to confirm your attendance by registering online and paying the graduation and robing fee.  The fee is €80- for Undergraduate Students and €85- for Postgraduate Students 

This fee covers the hire of your academic robes for the ceremony; booklets and parchments; and the post-ceremony reception. It also contributes to the overall costs of the ceremony.

All gowns must be rented through the official TU Dublin supplier Armstrong & Oxford – all students must pay the Graduation fee in order to attend the Graduation

The graduation ceremony will take place in St. Patricks Cathedral in Dublin 2.

On the day you are first required to come to TU Dublin Aungier Street before the ceremony begins to confirm you have arrived (register) and collect your guest tickets.  It is vital you confirm your arrival with the TU Dublin Graduation Staff as if you do not confirm you have arrived you will not be called up to collect your parchment during the ceremony. Once you have checked in with the TU Dublin Graduation Staff you should go to the robing station to collect your academic robes. 

Registration times and details will be specified in the information pack. A reception will take place in TU Dublin, Aungier Street, Dublin 2 after the graduation ceremony. A map and directions to the cathedral can be found by clicking on the following link.  Aungier St to St. Patricks Cathedral 

You can collect your academic robes and your guest tickets on the day before or on the morning of the ceremony.  Please ensure you leave plenty of time before the ceremony, as the collection desk will be busy.

Details of your collection time and ceremony time will be outlined on our website in advance of the day. As three ceremonies take place on each day it is important that you check for the time assigned to your school.

Lafayette Photography will be the official photographer authorised to take formal graduation photographs in TU Dublin Aungier Street on the day. It is advisable to pre-book your photography online at Official photographer(s) will not be on duty outside the college.

In addition, two TU Dublin photographers will also take photographs at the ceremonies. These photographs are made available on the Graduate Network Facebook page. Graduates will be able to view the photos by the Wednesday following the ceremonies. The photographers will identify themselves as TU Dublin photographers on the day and there will be no charge for these photos.