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Most Students at some stage will need to have a form stamped or have a letter of registration issued to confirm they are a TU Dublin Student.  

Staff at our Student Service Centres will be happy to help you, you can drop into one of our three offices or request the online service by following the link below.

The Confirmation of Registration letter is an extremely important document, which can only be issued by Student Services when you are fully registered on your programme.  

A letter containing registration information is normally requested for the following purposes:

  • Social Welfare Queries
  • Susi
  • Banks
  • Landlords
  • Sponsors
  • Medical Card applications
  • Visa re-entry applications
  • GNIB Card applications

Click here for instructions on requesting your letter.

This letter will provide written evidence of :

  • Proof of registration at TU Dublin
  • Fees paid
  • The start and end date of your programme
  • Email us at to request this letter

Click here to view a sample Confirmation of Registration Letter