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Collecting Your TU Dublin Student ID Card: 

Why do you need a Student ID Card? 

It is important you collect your Student ID Card as you will need it to access facilities such as the Library, Exam venues and some classrooms.  


How to obtain your Student ID Card if you are a Full-time Student:

If you are a Full-time student please call to one of our Student Service Centres, We will take your picture and print your ID Card there and then.


How to obtain your Student ID Card if you are a Part-time Student

Student Services can now facilitate the issuing of Student ID Cards by post.  If you wish to avail of this service can do so by emailing your selected photo to:, along with your Student ID number, Programme year and mailing address.

The image must fall within the following guidelines: 

1. Jpeg format only - (Most images captured with smartphones are acceptable)

2. Size Accepted is 150*200KB

3. Full Front of Students head and shoulders required with the head centred in the image

4. Colour and black/white accepted images

5. Sunglasses not permitted

6. Neutral facial expressions only

When the card is ready it will be posted to the address provided.

Important:  Please do not e-mail your image until you have registered on your TU Dublin Programme

Please Note: During our busy september period, the may be some delays with processing of student cards.

* Replacement cards are charged at €10-

 *students should carry cards on campus at all time and have them available to produce as ID if requested by an authorised officer of the University